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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

How To Use The Student Housing Website

The Student Housing website is organized into several section. Each section is included in the primary (horizontal) menu, which is available, and identical, on every Student Housing web page. A section-specific menu is located in the left column of most pages, based upon the contents of the section. For example, the menu at the left of this page is the "About Student Housing" menu: it lists the pages that are organized under the "About" category. Other "About" web pages are Student Housing's Mission Statement and a History of Student Housing page.

Many sections are designed to inform prospective students about their housing options, while others support current residents, and others still are written with staff and faculty and the general community in mind. However, every section will inform prospective residents and others who are new to Student Housing about Student Housing's various housing types and programs, so consider reviewing the various sections while deciding whether or not to live on campus.

Site Organization

The Student Housing website content is organized into the following sections.

Refer to the following summary to become familiar with the website's content and organization, and then jump in, click and learn.

Prospective Residents

Includes information prospective residents need to know before moving into student housing, including:

  • Important dates
  • How to apply for housing
  • Housing costs and schedules
  • How and when to move in and what to bring.

Current Residents

Includes information current residents need while living in student housing, including:

  • Important dates
  • Policies
  • Paying housing fees
  • Laundry
  • Resources including the computer centers, academic advising centers, the area service desk
  • Student Housing TV, including the movie schedule
  • Moving out of the halls

Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development develops and delivers a plethora of student services in Student Housing and the campus community

Housing Areas

  • Find specific information about and photographs of the various residence hall, campus apartment, and cooperative buildings, including room layout options and campus locations
  • Learn about current and completed Student Housing Capital Projects

Dining (Dining Commons in the Residence Halls)

Discover the flexibility of the residence hall dining program, including:

  • Meal plans
  • Meal plan eligibility
  • Aggie Cash plans
  • Changing meal plans mid-year
  • Dining commons locations
  • Menus
  • Hours of operation
  • Nutrition
  • Purchasing Additional Meals


  • Learn about Student Housing’s computer network, including:
  • How to connect a computer to the network
  • Intellectual property information
  • Campus IT resources


  • Explore how Student Housing is a pioneer in the University of California’s mission to be environmentally responsible through innovation and process

Campus Resources

  • In addition to Student Housing resources, many campus resources are available to UC Davis students; refer to the Resources section to learn more about campus resources

Employment with Student Housing

  • Student Housing employs many students throughout the year in various positions to support residence hall services; find out which positions are available and how to apply

Refer to the top-right corner of every Student Housing webpage to access:

  • Student Housing Maps
  • Student Housing Search Engine
  • Site Index
  • About Student Housing (business operations, administration building hours and location, and history)
  • UC Davis homepage
  • Student Housing homepage

Refer to the bottom of every Student Housing webpage to:

  • Send an email to the Student Housing office
  • Send an email to the webmaster
  • Review the UC Davis Privacy Policy
  • Access the UC Davis Student Affairs website
  • Access the About Student Housing section