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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

SHA Room Selection Instructions

Preview and Practice: From July 18 to August 1, 10 AM
(Closed July 25, 10 AM–July 27, 10 AM)

How do you optimize your chances of getting the apartment and room you want? Practice!

  1. Log on to the self-selection system during the preview period, from July 18 to 10 a.m. on August 1, and create a list of room and apartment options at different properties. Student Housing and Dining Services recommends looking at 3–4 properties to ensure you have options in case you don’t get your first choice.
  2. Confirm your preferences after preview reopens at 10 a.m. on July 27.

Self-Selection: August 1, 10 AM–August 4, 11:59 p.m.

If you are logged into the self-selection system prior to 10 a.m. on August 1, refresh your browser. This updates the system and allows you to make selections. If you don’t refresh, or log out and log in, your selection may not be saved.

SHA space is configured based on gender, so you will only see available spaces designated for the gender you selected on the Personal Information page of your application.

Roommate Groups

  1. Designate one room organizer per roommate group. After logging on, the room organizer selects an apartment and room.
  2. After selecting an apartment and room, the room organizer checks the “Generate Roommate Code” box and selects “Save Selection.” The apartment is then on hold for 15 minutes, and the room organizer immediately provides the reservation code to all roommates.
  3. Roommates have 15 minutes to log on and use the reservation code (“Lookup Code”) to select and save their room within the reserved apartment. The room organizer will be unable to make changes to their room selection until the reservation code has expired after the allotted 15 minutes.
  4. Having multiple people in your roommate group reserve an apartment with a reservation code will not increase your chances of getting the apartment you prefer. Each person who generates a code will be unable to make any changes for 15 minutes. For example: If you and your roommate reserve separate apartments at the same time, each of you will be unable to make changes for 15 minutes and are prevented from using the other’s reservation code.
  5. When creating a roommate group for self-selection, keep in mind you will only be able to select rooms with students who have the same selected gender. If someone in your group has selected gender-inclusive and the rest of the group has selected male, the person who selected gender-inclusive would not be able to select a room with your group. Gender-inclusive students live with other gender-inclusive students, male students live with other male students and female students live with other female students. It is important to note that if you identify as a male or female student and would like to live with a gender-inclusive student, you will need to update your desired room gender on the Personal Information page of your application to “I would like to live in a gender-inclusive room.”

Frequently-Asked Questions

General Self-Selection Questions

I am trying to save my room selection, but I can’t find the button.

Students cannot save their room selection until self-selection begins at 10 a.m. on August 1. During the preview period, you are able only to view the space available.

Am I guaranteed my occupancy preference and top choice apartment?

Both occupancy and desired apartment complex are considered preferences and are not guaranteed. Student Housing and Dining Services suggests students select multiple apartment options, including 3-4 different apartment properties in case your top choice is no longer available.

The apartment I had planned to select is no longer listed. What do I do now?

This means that another student has already selected the apartment. Please be sure to have a list of multiple room and apartment options to select from. You may also want to check back within 15 minutes to see if the space becomes available again.

If I have already selected a room, can I look for other spaces without canceling the room I have reserved?

Yes. You can look at other available spaces without canceling your reserved room. Click on the “Change Room Selection” button to go back to the search function. If you decide you want to change your room selection, click “Save Selection.” If you wish to keep your original room selection, click “Cancel Change of Room Selection.”

Am I guaranteed to get the space I select and save?

You are guaranteed a space to live. The space you select and save is typically the space you are assigned in mid-August. On rare occasions students must be moved or consolidated with students who have vacancies in their selected apartment.

How will I know that my selection was saved?

You can confirm your reservation by reviewing the Application Summary page and the Room Reservation section at the bottom of the page.

How do I know whom I will be living with?

On the Select Room page of your housing application, you can see the names of your roommates. When assignments come out in mid- to late-August, you will be provided their contact information.

Roommate Group and Reservation Code Questions

Do I have to create a reservation code?

You only need a reservation code if you are in a roommate group and want to hold an apartment so all your roommates have time to select rooms in the same apartment. If you are not in a roommate group, you can select available spaces without a reservation code.

I created a reservation code but want to change to a different space (room or apartment). Can I cancel the reservation?

No. Once you create a reservation code, you have locked the room or apartment for 15 minutes. This is why it is crucial to communicate with your roommate group before self-selection opens.

All of my roommates created a reservation code to guarantee we would get a space we want, but now we can’t find each other.

Creating a reservation code locks the apartment selected, and a new apartment cannot be selected for 15 minutes. Each student who created a reservation code has to wait until 15 minutes are up before they can select a new apartment.

Why did my reservation code not hold all of the rooms within the apartment I selected for my roommate group?

Reservation codes hold available rooms in an apartment for 15 minutes. In this case, someone else had already selected a room within the apartment prior to your creating the reservation code. You will be able to see the name of this roommate, but you will not be able to remove them from the space using the reservation code.

I used the reservation code to select a room but there are no rooms left to select. What should I do?

This means that all the rooms in that apartment have been selected. You should select another room and contact your roommate group to find out what happened. The room organizer may have had to pick a smaller apartment so there were not enough spaces for everyone in the group, or someone else not in your roommate group had selected that space prior to the reservation code being created.

How can I get create a reservation code?

The designated roommate organizer selects their desired apartment and room and creates a reservation code by checking the “Reservation Code” box BEFORE clicking “Save Selection” (see image below). If you have already saved your selection, you will have to cancel that selection and go back through the steps to create the reservation code. Please note that once you cancel the selection, that same room and apartment may not be available.

Check the Create code for roommate group BEFORE clicking Save Selection in order to create a roommate group

If I am in a roommate group but change my mind about living with them or do not like the apartment they selected, can I leave the group?

Yes. If you are not the room organizer, you can leave the apartment. Room organizers are locked into the apartment and room selected for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, they can change rooms.

I am trying to use a reservation code but keep receiving an error notice that states: Sorry! The apartment selected with this reservation code is not configured for your selected gender. What does that mean?

You are only able to select apartments and rooms designated for students with the same gender you selected. This means that gender-inclusive students live with other gender-inclusive students, male students live with other male students and female students live with other female students. It is important to note that if you are a male or female student and would like to live with a gender-inclusive student, you will need to update your desired room gender on the Personal Information page of your application to “I would like to live in a gender-inclusive room.”