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University Catering - Policies and Procedures

Thank you for giving University Catering the opportunity to work with you and cater to your special event needs. The following policies have been developed in order to ensure that we have adequate time and resources to provide an exceptional event!

Website & On-line order placement:

  • 530-752-2997
  • Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM–5:00 PM
  • Catering Operational Business Hours: 7:00 AM–8:00 PM
    • Events beginning or ending after these times may be subject to additional labor charges.

Delivery Policies and Minimum Revenue Guarantees:

  • Monday thru Friday orders must meet a minimum revenue guarantee of $175 per order to be delivered.
  • Saturday, Sunday and campus holidays are subject to a $500 minimum per delivery.
  • For catering orders that are outside the delivery minimum; University Catering has additional options for catering to be picked up at the Segundo Dining Commons loading dock area. When placing your order in the website, choose "pack out" as the event type or for consultation of these arrangements call 530-272-2997 or All equipment picked up from catering is the responsibility of the client to return. Unreturned items will result in appropriate charges on the final bill.
  • An additional $25 redelivery fee will apply for onsite requests of replenishments or for later pickups IF our schedule can accommodate the change and/or if we arrive and a room is locked, occupied or catering tables are not available and our staff has to delay in their set up.
  • All delivered catering events are subject to an additional 5% service charge. This service charge helps cover internal processing costs. Customers will find as they review their catering contract a breakdown of the event elements and their costs; the service charge helps cover the costs inherent in preparation, planning and implementation of the event.

Placing Your Order and Advance Notice:

  • Orders are requested two weeks in advance and may be placed at:
  • Please complete a separate order for each time of service, each location, and each day of service.

Orders placed less than one week in advance may not be possible with the level of service you desire. We will discuss options available on short notice with you.

To ensure our availability to deliver your catering, please place an order in the website as soon as you know you will require our catering services with detailing your catering date, time and type of service needs along with estimations of anything tentative such as guest counts and possible menu items. The order status will be listed "In Progress" on the website and considered as an FYI or "hold" until you submit the order and it is accepted and confirmed by the sales office. We will make every effort within a week of an "in progress" order to connect with you to confirm or decline the event.

Due to product availability, quality and unforeseen market price fluctuations, prices are subject to change without notice. Once an order has been accepted by the catering office prices are guaranteed.

We will make every effort to provide the exact product ordered however, product availability and/or quality may affect this at times. You will be notified in advance of menu substitutions when possible.

  • Please note that the on-line calculator may not reflect accurate sales tax and/or service charges at the time of order placement and should be used only as an estimating tool.

Final Guest Counts:

When placing a catering order, please provide an estimated guest count reflecting the realistic number of guests you anticipate attending your event.

  • A final guest count is due three full business days (excluding holidays) prior to the event and should be sent via email.
    • Tuesday events: count is due previous Wednesday
    • Wednesday events: count is due previous Thursday
    • Thursday events: count is due previous Friday
    • Friday events: count is due previous Monday
    • Saturday, Sunday and Monday events: count is due previous Tuesday
  • Billing is based on the final guest count, or the actual number of guests served, whichever is greater. If no final guest count is provided, the estimated guest count at the 3 business day out point will be billed.
  • Guest counts increased after the final guest count deadline may be subject to menu substitutions and additional charges.

Making Changes to Your Event Order and Cancellations:

  • Significant changes in guest count, style of service, location or date require immediate notification and may be subject to the approval of the sales office within two weeks of the event. Even small requested changes to the event ready time can be difficult to change within one week prior to the event. Some changes may not be possible if requested after this deadline.
  • Events or menu items may be cancelled any time prior to one week (7 days, excluding holidays) before the event with no charge.
  • Events or menu items cancelled less than one week may be subject to a 50% charge. Orders cancelled within 48 hours of the event may result in a 100% charge for all items ordered.


Due to health regulations, perishable leftovers may not be removed from the event site. University Catering cannot provide "to-go" containers and will not be held responsible for food items transported away from the event site. If catering equipment is removed from the event site, appropriate charges will be added to the final bill.


  • UC Davis campus departments may place orders directly with catering thru the Food Venue catering website. At the direction of leadership from UC Davis Accounting & Financial Services, a recharge number is to be submitted with the catering order and after the event it will be loaded and processed through Aggie Travel. Campus departments ordering through Food Venue should keep the email billing they receive to reference when going into Aggie Travel. Food and beverage charges, with the exception of soda and bamboo service style products, are not subject to sales tax when using the department recharge payment method for "internal events". Campus department sponsored events wherein there is a charge to the guests or paid registrants, such as a meal within a conference, are subject to an additional 7.24% sales tax.
  • Catering orders sponsored by non-department or off campus clients may also be placed directly with catering thru the Food Venue website, but are subject to additional 7.25% sales tax. Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards, cash, and cashier checks are the only authorized types of payment. A 75% deposit is due two weeks in advance. Payment, in full, is due with the final guest count (three full working days prior to the event).
  • A finance charge of 15% will be added to all balances (campus and private) over 60 days old. Returned checks will result in a $50 fee.

Room Reservations, Set Up and Clean Up:

  • University Catering does not have any tables to set up catering on or key access to rooms or buildings on campus. Room set up is coordinated through UC Davis Conference and Event Servies (CES) or directly with the facility manager. Please ensure the facility is prepared with catering tables and unlocked with ample time reserved for set up and clean up time when the event is over.
  • University Catering is not responsible for setting up, resetting or cleaning rooms. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange for custodial services, contact Catering will remove food service equipment only and Catering does not provide compost/landfill/recycling bins or move these items from the event site.
  • Most campus room reservations are made directly with

If you need advice on how much time to allow please inquire with CES or catering. Please alert catering if a class or another meeting is booked in the same room immediately prior/following your event so arrival/pick-up times can be adjusted accordingly.

Outdoor Events, Trash, Tables, and Barbecue Grills

Off Campus Catering:

University Catering caters a wide variety of events both on and off the UC Davis campus including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate and community events.

  • A $30 delivery charge applies in Davis and a $50 delivery charge plus mileage and traveling labor applies for delivery outside of Davis.

Custom Menus, Special Diets & Children’s Meals:

  • Special diets ranging from vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, children’s meals, low sodium, low fat, lactose intolerant, food allergies and limited kosher can be accommodated, additional charges may apply. Indicate the need for a special plate on your contract when ordering with the exact restriction(s) to be followed.
  • Customized menus can be arranged to fit almost any type of menu request. University Catering specializes in Farm to Fork seasonal menus and has the unique ability to use campus raised meat, student farm grown produce and UC Davis products such as Olive Oil and Honey. Please contact our office to discuss options.

Menu Tasting:

Specific (non-standard) menu items may be sampled to assist you in making menu decisions at a tasting. Tasting requests require advance notice and must be scheduled around the Executive Chef’s schedule. We request that tastings be limited to two representatives from your group/committee in order to facilitate decision making.

Requests for more than three different entrees, or if more than one plate of any single entrée is requested for a tasting, or tasting additional item common to standard catering menus will be billed at the full menu price on the final event bill.