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Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT)

Alcohol, Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT) is a program in Health Education & Promotion that focuses on alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues (ATOD).

ADAPT Goals (taken from the ADAPT website)

Anticipate, plan for and respond to the needs and interests of a diverse and dynamic student body by providing services that:

  • Empower students to make healthy and responsible choices;
  • Promote low-risk behavior and support non-use;
  • Communicate negative consequences of high risk alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use;
  • Communicate realities, and secondary effects of ATOD abuse; and
  • Employ strategies that impact environments as well as individuals.
  • Reduce ATOD-related barriers to academic and social development.
  • Build partnerships between administrators, faculty and students.

ADAPT Conduct Referral Survey

To complete your ADAPT conduct referral, please visit, where you will take a survey and find further instructions. To take the survey, you will need your Student Identification Number and a referral code. The referral code is "Housing1" without the quotation marks.