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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Conflict Resolution

As a resident of UC Davis’ residence halls, you possess specific individual rights that your roommate and those living around you must respect. These rights carry with them a reciprocal responsibility on your part to ensure that these same rights exist for your roommate, suitemates, and other residents. Your basic rights are listed here; you and your community may choose to add to this list. It is important that these items and the concept of others’ rights and responsibilities be discussed throughout the year.

Students’ Rights

Students have the right to:

  • read and study in their room
  • have control over their personal possessions
  • access their room [and suite]
  • live in a clean, safe environment
  • sleep and relax in their room
  • entertain guests and visitors without infringing upon roommate, suitemate, or community rights
  • confront another’s behavior which infringes upon their own rights
  • seek the aid of staff in resolving possible roommate conflicts

UC Davis Student Housing neither can, nor does, guarantee you will achieve these rights at all times — you share the responsibility. Help ensure these rights are upheld through thoughtful discussion and open communication with your roommates, suitemates, and other floor/hall residents. Student Housing staff is available and wants to help you accomplish this goal. Contact an RA, SRA, or coordinator, or Student Housing for more information, advice or help.