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Room Transfers - Residence Halls

Residence Hall students may request to move from one room to another throughout most of the academic year.

Room Transfer Period

Residents are permitted to request a room transfer during specific times each quarter. Please refer to the Residence Hall calendar for specific dates that room transfer requests are accepted and processed. Please note that room transfers are not processed during the last three weeks of each quarter.

Room Transfer Eligibility

Room transfers are made based upon space availability. Students who wish to move to another room must meet with a coordinator to obtain a Room Transfer form. The coordinator then must approve and sign the Room Transfer form. Students may not move (even within suites) without an approved Room Transfer form.

The university reserves the right to assign or reassign students to other rooms and halls for pending disciplinary action or in order to make the most effective use of the available accommodations. If space is available, requests for room transfers because of safety concerns, including physical or sexual assault, will be honored.


Students with a vacancy within their room/suite must be prepared for a new roommate/suitemate to move in at any time. Residents should not spread their belongings throughout the room or use furniture designated for the new resident. Residents found to be homesteading will be billed for costs required to make the contracted space available to a new resident.