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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Entree to Education

Come share a meal with a UC Davis faculty member and enjoy a fascinating conversation! Simply come to the DC during the time the faculty are scheduled to be eating, grab some food, and join them at their table!

Student Housing is partnering with the faculty of UC Davis in order to bring faculty into the dining commons where students can easily grab a meal, interact with faculty from dozens of different majors, ask questions, listen to stories and advice, learn, and enjoy a good conversation. Faculty will present on a variety of different topics: sometimes it will be the field within which they research while other times it might be on another area of interest or expertise. Faculty are invited to share a meal at any of the DC locations—for lunch in Segundo and Tercero, and dinner in Cuarto—so be sure to check the schedule regularly, and look for signage at the DCs telling you who is visiting that day.

Who's Eating Next?

Read the Aggie Reader each week for updated schedules, follow Student Housing on Twitter for last minute updates and reminders, and check the signs each time you eat at the DC.