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Entrée to Education - Faculty Sign-Up

What is it?

The Entrée to Education Program provides opportunities for faculty to have a free and informal meal with a small group of residence hall students.

Why such a program?

The goal of the program is to engage students in conversations with faculty regarding a myriad of topics to help increase student retention at UC Davis by exposing students to:

  • The formal/informal side of a faculty member
  • Internship and research options and opportunities
  • University resources and our global society

Where is it?

The faculty member can select from one of three Student Housing Dining Commons locations.

When is it?

Lunch times in Segundo and Tercero and dinner times in Cuarto are available on any weekday.

Who can sign up?

Any tenured or tenure track faculty member may sign up.

How does a faculty member sign up?

Faculty may sign up online. Select 1) a date, 2) a meal (Lunch or Dinner) and 3) a location (Segundo, Tercero or Cuarto). Only one faculty member will be scheduled per dining commons, per meal. Faculty should expect to dine with first-year residence hall students for up to one hour at any time during the meal period. Faculty should state the possible discussion topic(s) (research area, current events, tips for first-year students, hobbies, etc.)

What happens next?

Student Housing will take the faculty members registration information and advertise to the students. Upon arrival, the faculty member simply checks in with the host stand at the requested dining commons and they will be shown to the reserved table. Faculty can grab some delicious food along the way and enjoy the time with the students. Only a handful of students may attend and it will be first come-first served for the first 10 students.

Who can be contacted with questions?

Please send questions and comments to

Download the Flyer and FAQ

Flyer and FAQ (pdf)