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Section 7: Academic Support & Residence Hall Resources

The Office of Student Development staff at UC Davis is working hard to provide you with the academic support you need to be successful at UC Davis. Several academic resources are included here. In addition to these resources, you should also visit the Orientation website.

A. Academic Advising

1. Academic Advising In The Residence Halls

Residence hall staff and the First-Year Experience staff are committed to enhancing the academic success of residents. Throughout the year, informative programs related to academic needs are offered from our Residence Hall Advising Team (RHAT). Some topics covered are: “The Night Before Classes,” “Thinking About Summer School,” “Checking Your Academic Progress,” “Your Major, Your Minor, Your Career,” “Planning Your Winter Quarter Schedule,” and “Looking Ahead.” In addition, faculty members will be invited to speak on a variety of interesting topics. This offers you the opportunity to talk with your professors in an informal setting outside of the classroom. All of these programs are designed to assist you in making the most of your college career by acquainting you with the many resources available on campus. Your RA will alert you when these programs will occur. Many First-Year Experience Peer Advisors also serve as Orientation Leaders over the summer. Academic Coordinators are also trained in general academic advising issues and can provide helpful information on a myriad of topics. Just ask!

2. Academic Advising Centers

Academic Advising Centers are located in the Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto areas. In each center, peer advisers from the four undergraduate colleges and First-Year Experience Office are available Monday through Thursday from 10am to 6pm and Friday from 10am to 1pm to help you select courses, plan a course of study, explore majors, understand requirements, and discuss educational goals. Tutors are available in the evening, Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 8:30pm to assist you with subjects such as math, chemistry, statistics and biology. Tutoring subjects vary by quarter. Please visit rhat.ucdavis.edu to view the current tutoring schedule. Students are encouraged to utilize all academic resources in the residence halls, and seek out their Academic Coordinator with any questions.

B. Residence Hall Resources

1. Computer Centers

The Computer Centers for Student Housing residents are located at three sites: the Segundo Services Center, the Tercero Services Center, and Emerson Hall. The Computer Centers offer a variety of resources and services including computer & internet access, document scanning and shredding, CD-ROM drives, a variety of software and quiet study environments. Centers are open for all residents 24/7. Please see the Residential Computing website at housing.ucdavis.edu/computers for more information.

2. Residential Computer Support

Residential Computer Support is a service that provides technical support and advice to students living in the residence halls. Residential Computing Assistants (RCAs) are available for drop-in support during office hours or through the online HelpDesk accessible on the Housing Channel on myUCDavis. The RCS program is tailored to the most common computer needs of students living in the residence halls beginning with network (ResNet) connectivity; computer safety & security (virus protection, enabling operating system firewalls and automatic updates, safe use of music and media file-sharing programs); setup and configuration of printers, wireless keyboards and other peripheral devices; other common computer problems and technical issues. Please see the Residential Computing website for more information about this program at http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/ computers.

3. Television Bulletin Boards

Television bulletin boards are located throughout the residence halls. They display important information about deadlines for meal plan changes, room transfers, program activities or special notices. The bulletin board channel is also available on any TV that is plugged into the Student Housing television broadcast (see cable television service for more).

4. ResNet Computer Access

All students living in the residence halls have access to ResNet. ResNet provides direct, high-speed access to the internet for those with a network-ready computer. Specific websites that use excessive bandwidth and are not for educational purposes may be evaluated by the university and marked for limited use. Residents are responsible for maintaining computer compatibility for Res- Net access. Student Housing provides information and support services. If you plan to utilize ResNet, refer to housing.ucdavis.edu/computers for system requirements and setup information. All residence halls have ResNet access. Keep in mind that just like your home, UC Davis can have power supply problems that can affect your equipment. Consider purchasing a surge protector for your computer and other personal electrical equipment in your room.

5. Email

All students are required to establish a campus computer and email account. The University and Student Housing use email as official means of communication with students in connection with their education and the provision of services.

6. Cable Television Service

Cable television connections will only work if you have a cable-ready television. Student Housing broadcasts a wide range of television channels over its closedcircuit television system, as well as educational programming and its bulletin board channel (see television bulletin boards). For more Student Housing TV information, including a channel guide, please visit the Student Housing website at: housing.ucdavis.edu/tv.

In addition, Student Housing broadcasts feature films on two of its channels. Resident and staff input is solicited in selecting these movies, not all of which appeal to all residents. If you would like to provide input on movie selections or see a listing of movies scheduled, please visit the Student Housing website at housing.ucdavis.edu/movies.