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Section 8: Dining

University Dining Services at UC Davis provides an excellent selection of food and meal times to meet the needs of our diverse and busy residents. Monday through Thursday we offer four meals, beginning at 7:00 in the morning and ending with a late night meal at midnight. Three mealtimes are offered Fridays, and brunch and dinner are offered weekends and holidays (dining.ucdavis.edu).

You may dine in any of our three resident dining facilities: Segundo, Tercero or Cuarto Dining Commons. All offer a complete variety of dining choices with unlimited seconds. To keep your costs reasonable, we ask that you reduce waste by eating what you take and refrain from removing food from the dining room. You are permitted to take out an ice cream bar/cone, piece of fruit/dessert that you are eating, and a beverage only in the bottle provided by Dining Services at the beginning of the school year; all other food must be eaten in the dining room. Additional dining program information is provided in the Resident Dining Guide distributed during Fall Welcome Week and can be accessed instantly online at dining.ucdavis.edu.

A. To-Go Meals

Simply to Go meals are available at the convenience stores near the dining room in each housing area. These meals to go allow flexibility for busy students.

B. Special Dietary Needs

A dietician is available to assist residents with special dietary needs and those who have nutritional questions and concerns. For special dietary needs, please email Linda Adams or call 530-752‑9604.

For special diet requirements in the dining commons, please completed the Special Accommmodation Request Form and submit it to the Student Housing office.

C. Get Well Trays

If you are ill, have a friend obtain a get well tray request from your RA. With this form and your meal card, your friend can prepare a meal to go for you.

D. Pack-Outs

Students often enjoy social events, including dining, outside the dining rooms. Floor parties, field trips and picnics can be planned through your RA in conjunction with the dining services management team.

E. Backpacks

Although backpacks are allowed inside the dining room, we remind students that food is not to be taken out of the dining room. The exception is an ice cream cone, piece of fruit/dessert that you are eating and a beverage in the approved container.

F. Meal Card

Your student ID card (AggieCard) also serves as your meal card and may be used only by the person to whom it was issued. Anyone using another student’s card or giving his/her card to another student may face Student Housing and/or Student Judicial Affairs action.

G. Changing Meal Plans

You may change your meal plan each quarter between the dates listed below. Changes may be made online at My.UCDavis.edu by scrolling to the Housing Information section and clicking on the “View My Information” link, at your Area Service Desk, or in the Student Housing Office, Room 160.

  • Fall quarter: through the Sunday of move-in weekend
  • Winter quarter: December 1 - first day of winter quarter housing
  • Spring quarter: March 1 - April 1

After these dates no changes can be made.

H. Retail Options

The following residential dining facilities offer “Grab & Go Snacks” and beverages and provide an opportunity to take a break and socialize with fellow residents.

  • The Junction at Segundo
  • Trudy’s at Tercero
  • The Crossroads at Cuarto

Selections include many convenience store favorites, beverages, candy, chips, pretzels and ice cream. In addition to cash, residents with the Aggie Cash option can use their dining cards at these locations.