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Guide to Residence Hall Life


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Section 6: Residence Hall Programs

The success of the Student Housing program depends on your involvement and support. All programs need students to participate in decision-making, planning, and implementing events. This is your community and you have the right and responsibility to help make it what you want it to be. In addition, your involvement in the following activities will be a positive addition to your resume and will enhance your academic experience at the university.

A. Neighborhood Committees

A great way to get to know people within your own community is by joining the neighborhood committee. This group plans activities and study breaks for the community.

Community Decisions

One significant way for you to get involved in your new home is to take part in your community’s development. Residents are asked to discuss such things as quiet hours, lounge use, kinds and level of social activities, and expectations of roommates and other residents. These meetings provide you the opportunity to get better acquainted with other members of your community and to discuss community concerns.

B. Residence Hall Advisory Board

The Residence Hall Advisory Board (RHAB) is an advisory group composed entirely of residents. They advise and give input to Student Housing administrators on any issues that affect residence hall students. If you are interested in becoming a member, or have a question or concern, contact your Resident Advisor.

C. Residence Hall Judicial Boards

A judicial board is composed of residence hall students who meet with students who have been involved in quiet hour policy violations, vandalism, messes, alcohol policy violations, or guest policy violations. The purpose of the board is to review and respond to the incident with the student and work with the student to establish guidelines for positive behavioral change.

D. Leadership Council

Each residential area has a Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is designed to maximize student representation and involvement while providing leadership opportunities for residents. The Leadership Council sponsors and plans social, leadership and diversity education activities. Activities include dances, talent shows, leadership conferences and much more. All activities are planned by students with the advisement of the Leadership Coordinator.

E. Intramurals

Student Housing now covers the cost of IM registration for community-represented teams.

F. Community Programs

Community Socials all have a Learning Outcome Objective tailored to the needs of individual community members.

G. Damage Reduction

The Student Housing Damage Reduction Program is designed to encourage residents to take responsibility for their living environment and thereby help reduce the cost of repairing damages and cleaning. Each year, a significant portion of the Student Housing budget is earmarked for repairing unnecessary damages and cleaning in the halls. If a community keeps the area clean and damages to a minimum, the balance will be returned to the students of that community. This money, the Damage Reduction Award, can then be used by the community for social activities, shirts, pictures, etc. Awards are distributed five times during the academic year.

Your Role

Your role in the Damage Reduction Program can best be fulfilled by being an active and concerned community member. As a member of a residence hall community, you have a responsibility to those with whom you are living and to the physical environment. Your responsibilities as a community member in terms of the Damage Reduction Program are to:

  • Take care of your community facilities. Please be courteous to others and do not leave trash in common areas such as lounges, kitchens, restrooms, or hallways.
  • Report damages occurring as a result of your behavior.
  • Encourage others to take responsibility for their actions in the community.
  • Assist staff in determining who is responsible for community damages. Residents are held responsible if invited or uninvited guests cause damages or messes.
  • Help your community decide how to spend its Damage Reduction Awards. Five times a year, communities that have kept damages to a minimum are given monetary awards. As a member of your community, you can help decide how the money will be spent.
  • Help keep your community safe by preventing access to your building by nonresidents.

Spending Your Earnings

Damage reduction funds cannot be spent on video rentals, the purchase of alcohol or gifts for staff, donations to charities, or any event or activity that is not consistent with Student Housing or university purposes or policies; your RA can advise you on how to spend your award. Some things on which communities have used their Damage Reduction Awards follow.

  • Community shirts
  • Community barbecues
  • Dances
  • End of Quarter & Pizza parties
  • Ice cream socials
  • Tie-dye parties
  • Recreational equipment
  • Community dinners
  • Community pictures & yearbooks
  • Rec pool parties
  • Finals week treats
  • Bowling