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Guide to Residence Hall Life


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Section 9: Residence Hall Services

A. Area Service Desk

Below are just a few of the services available at all area service desks (ASD).

  • Getting help when you’re locked out
  • Follow up on service requests
  • Checking out/in when you’re switching rooms
  • Checking out tools to configure your bed
  • Picking up your “care package” from home
  • Information on vending machine & laundry refunds
  • Checking out items such as game room equipment, cooking utensils and games

1. ASD Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-11pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: noon-11pm.

B. Staff “On Call”

Residence hall staff are here to assist you. RAs are “on call” from 5pm until 8am the next morning Monday-Friday and 24-hours on Saturday and Sunday. They are available to assist you with questions, problems, or emergencies. Cellular phone numbers for “on call” staff are posted throughout buildings and on the Student Housing website at: housing.ucdavis.edu/staff.

In emergencies, residents should call 911 from room phones or 530-752-1230 from cellular phones.

C. Custodial Services

We have a great custodial staff working seven days a week to keep your lounges, public bathrooms, hallways, and stairwells clean and looking nice. Custodial staff is responsible for cleaning public areas in your community — you are responsible for upkeep of your room. Please drain and re-pot your plants outside rather than in the bathroom sink or laundry room! When using common areas, it is your responsibility to ensure that the space is clean before you leave. Cleaning after a large event or after someone has “trashed” a space is the responsibility of the community, not your custodian. If it is necessary for our custodians to clean up excessive trash caused by community members, money will be deducted from your community’s damage reduction fund. In the Segundo and Tercero areas, a floor poster tells you when you can expect the routine cleaning and disinfecting of your bathroom. Your bathroom is closed during these times, so you will need to use an alternate bathroom while cleaning is in progress — this will assist us in completing the necessary services for your community restroom quickly and thoroughly. Cuarto suite bathrooms will be cleaned every two weeks by housing custodial staff. A cleaning schedule will be provided at the beginning of the quarter. Refusing to have your bathroom cleaned is not an option.

To help keep your room and community clean, a supply area is stocked with cleansers, mops, dustpans and brooms for your use (either in your laundry room, a closet, or at the Cuarto area service desk). Vacuum cleaners may be checked out from area service desks or your resident advisor. Please remember that this is shared equipment so you will need to return it after use. Toilet paper is provided for Cuarto and Primero Grove suites and is available at the area service desk.

D. Waste Diversion

Each room is furnished with a landfill and recycling container. Compost collection containers are available upon request. Email sustainablehousing@ucdavis.edu. Please empty your room waste in the designated area in your building/floor or in the large dumpsters outside; waste may not be left in hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or walkways for health and safety reasons. Visit https://housing.ucdavis.edu/sustainability/wdg/ for a waste diversion guide that has detailed instructions for proper waste sorting and locations of landfill, mixed recyclables, compostables, cardboard, reusables & eWaste bins. Cardboard boxes must me flattened and placed in the proper location, never put cardboard boxes in the chutes as they will clog and create a hazard.

E. Laundry

Laundry rooms with card-operated washers and dryers can be found in each community. A WASH AccessCard will be issued to each resident at check in; cash value may be added using cash, credit, or debit card at a centrally located ‘Add Value’ stations in your residence hall area. Please request repair and refunds from WASH Service Company at the 800 number posted in laundry rooms; be sure to note the machine identification number. Contact your area service desk for problems with the WASH AccessCard.

F. Lost & Found

Missing something? Check with your area service desk first, then the Police Department Lost & Found (530-752‑3272) or ucdavislf.com/selectitemtype.aspx.

G. Lounge Space

Many buildings have lounges with comfortable furniture where residents and their guests can sit, talk, or study. Non-residents may not use these spaces unless accompanied by a resident. The lounges are also central to many of the social and educational programs that enrich community living. For this reason, at least half of the participants in any group meeting or gathering must be residents. Furniture is for the use of all residents and must not be removed from public space. Note: Copyright law prohibits public showings of rented or purchased videos in residence hall lounges and other public spaces.

H. Recreational & Cooking Equipment

Some recreational and cooking equipment is available for check out in some areas. Ask your RA or area service desk staff for details.