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Guide to Residence Hall Life


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Residence hall staff are here to help you! You will no doubt get to know many of the Student Housing staff whose job it is to help make your residence hall experience an enjoyable one. The staff who work in your area are well trained and eager to be of assistance. Please introduce yourself and ask them for help when you need it.

Residential Education Staff

Residential Education Staff are primarily responsible for planning and supervising programs offered in the halls. The central staff (160 Student Housing, 530-752-1736) works closely with residents in promoting a well-balanced array of services and programs for you.


Coordinators are full-time professional staff, many with advanced degrees as well as extensive experience working with students. Some of their duties include helping residents with academic, housing, and personal issues; advising residence hall activities; providing residents with educational programs; supervising and training the Senior Resident Advisors; and helping students develop positive communities. There are three to four coordinators working in each of the three residence hall areas.

Senior Resident Advisors

Senior Resident Advisors (SRAs) are upper division undergraduates who live in the halls. Their role is to assist the coordinators with Resident Advisor supervision and daily facility operations.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are undergraduates who live in the communities and have extensive experience with student concerns and campus resources. They receive many hours of training and are available to help you with problems and questions. RAs are knowledgeable about academic advising and can help you meet your academic goals. Another of their roles is to help you and your neighbors create a positive and productive living environment. They are also responsible for communicating and interpreting Student Housing policy and are expected to respond to policy violations. Resident Advisors will sponsor and help organize many social and educational programs throughout the year.

Residential Services Staff

Residential Services staff (160 Student Housing, 530-752‑2033) are the people to contact if you are leaving school, participating in the Planned Educational Leave Program [PELP], transferring to another campus, or graduating.

Area Office Staff

Area offices are the hubs of many activities that affect daily life in the halls. Residents should get to know the office coordinators and the student staff. Office coordinators are responsible for resident and public contact. They oversee Area Service Desks (ASD) and mail service operations and supervise students who work at the ASD and deliver mail. Residents can report needed repairs, pick up packages, obtain general information, check out cleaning supplies, lockout keys, temporary access cards, games, sports equipment and kitchenware. Area Service Desks are open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, and noon to 11 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Holiday service desk schedules are posted prior to each holiday.

Custodial Staff

Custodians in each residence hall area are responsible for helping you keep common areas, e.g. community bathrooms, hallways, and lounges clean. Custodians report maintenance and equipment problems to keep your community in good repair. Custodians have a heavy workload and are not expected to clean up unusual or excessive messes; they are required to report such incidents. The cost of cleaning is charged to the community by a reduction in community damage funds.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance staff are highly skilled individuals who perform all basic maintenance in the halls. Routine requests should typically be handled within two working days. Prompt reporting of damages and service needed keep rooms, suites, and halls in good shape. Residents are not authorized to perform repairs. Service requests can be submitted at any time through MyUCDavis on the Student Housing channel.

Food Service Directors

Food Service Directors provide a variety of food service information aimed at making your dining experience exciting and new.

Residential Student Accounts Staff

Residential Student Accounts staff are located in the Student Housing Office, Room 170 and are available if you need information regarding housing costs, payments and meal plans. They can be reached at 530-752 2481.