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Guide to Residence Hall Life


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Section 2: Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a resident of UC Davis' residence halls, you possess specific individual rights that your roommate and those living around you must respect. These rights carry with them a reciprocal responsibility on your part to ensure that these same rights exist for your roommate, suitemates, and other residents. Your basic rights are listed here; you and your community may choose to add to this list. It is important that these items and the concept of others' rights and responsibilities be discussed throughout the year.

You have the right…

  • to read and study in your room
  • to have control over your personal possessions
  • to access your room [and suite]
  • to live in a clean, safe environment
  • to sleep and relax in your room
  • to entertain guests and visitors without infringing upon roommate, suitemate, or community rights
  • to confront another's behavior which infringes upon your rights
  • to seek the aid of staff in resolving possible roommate conflicts

UC Davis Student Housing neither can, nor does, guarantee you will achieve these rights at all times — you share the responsibility. Help ensuring these rights are upheld through thoughtful discussion and open communication with your roommates, suitemates, and other floor/hall residents. Student Housing staff is available and wants to help you accomplish this goal.

UC Davis residence hall students are responsible for their actions. You are expected to show respect for the rights of others and the educational mission of the university. Conditions that are part of your residence hall contract govern acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Residence hall staff will intervene if your actions are contrary to policy or considered a disruption to community standards. In addition, your behavior may prompt referral to the Office of Student Development, which will determine if contract termination, transfer to another space, or disciplinary sanctions are needed. Our sincere desire is that students will choose behaviors which support and respect all community members.

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs (sja.ucdavis.edu) is responsible for administering the university disciplinary process and will, if warranted, confer with and sanction students for behavior violating university policy. Students must comply with the University of California: Standards of Conduct for Students in the residence halls, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary sanctions include warnings, censure, restitution, probation, loss of privileges, suspension, or dismissal from UC Davis. A student's actions may also subject him/her to criminal or civil liability.

Student Housing staff, while striving to protect due process for individuals, are compelled to act on behalf of the interests of the entire community. Though we prefer to work directly with individuals involved in behavioral problems, students collectively involved in negative behavior can expect to be confronted and may be moved to other halls or have their contracts terminated. You are responsible for your actions and will be held fully accountable.


If something is illegal off campus, it's illegal on campus. University property does not insulate you from being accountable for all your actions.

The University of California: Standards of Conduct for Students (sja.ucdavis.edu/policies.html) extends beyond campus boundaries. As a UC Davis student, you are expected to adhere to a high code of honor and interact with others in a lawful, respectful, and honest manner on and off campus.