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Guide to Residence Hall Life


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Section 11: Your Room

A. Condition & Repairs

You and your roommate are responsible for the condition of your room or suite at all times. A room condition form should be completed by each resident; the form is available on MyUCDavis under Housing Information. For your protection, you are required to complete this form listing the condition of your room/suite and the furnishings as soon as you move into your room. When you vacate your room, this information will be used to determine whether any charges for damages or cleaning beyond normal use and wear will be billed to you. If you do not complete a room condition form, you are accepting the room as is.

Your prompt report of damages or items requiring maintenance, especially those that affect the security of the building, will greatly expedite repairs. You will not be charged for the repair of something that breaks due to normal wear and tear. Remember, only maintenance staff is authorized to make repairs.

Service requests can be submitted at any time through MyUCDavis under Housing Information. Click on Submit Service Request and enter complete location and details of needed service.

Service requests may also be submitted by calling the Student Housing Facilities Service Desk at 530-752-8200 during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm, excluding holidays and mandated department closures.

All emergency requests should be reported to the Student Housing Facilities Service Desk if during business hours or your RA on Call at all other times.

If you live in a suite, we want to help you maintain the carpet and upholstered furniture. If you spill something on your carpet or furniture and cannot get the stain out with water or by vacuuming, please submit a service request through MyUCDavis under Housing Information.

At times throughout the year, major maintenance projects may be scheduled to enhance the quality of the facilities. Student Housing makes every effort to minimize the inconvenience to students caused by such projects. Hall staff will also keep you informed when projects occur in your area.

To ensure a minimum of wear to the furniture, furnishings are not to be removed from rooms and suites. When you move out of your room, you are expected to return furniture to its original location and configuration.

If you have a roommate or suitemate who moves out during the year, it is possible that a new person will check in at any time. Therefore the assigned room and the common areas of a suite must be ready to receive a new resident. During quarter breaks, the room may be inspected before your new roommate or suitemate moves in. You will be charged if staff is required to clear or clean a space to make it habitable for a new resident.

B. Furniture & Decorations

A few touches here and there can transform your room into a special place. Always consider safety when making decisions about decorations. Keep things away from sources of heat. Use colored lightbulbs instead of placing paper over them to change the mood of your room and do not use candles. Posters and other wall hangings brighten things up. One request: please do not apply stickers or decals to any surfaces in your room — they are very difficult to remove!

NOTE: Halogen lamps are not allowed in the residence halls.

C. Heating & Air Conditioning

If you live in the Segundo or Tercero areas, your heater/ air-conditioner can be regulated with a two- or threespeed switch or thermostat. Temperature systems in these buildings are centrally controlled and can only function as either a heating or cooling system at any time — residents cannot switch between heating and air conditioning systems. Central heating systems will be turned on once temperatures reach a consistent evening low of approximately 42°F with daytime highs below 70°F. Central cooling systems will be turned on after five consecutive daytime temperatures above 85°F with a forecast of continuing high temperatures. All units in the Cuarto area have independent heating and air conditioning systems, allowing full control by residents.