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Guide to Student Housing Apartments


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Section 4: Personal Safety and Security

While the university community and the city of Davis are relatively small, friendly, and safe, neither is immune to the realities of the larger world. You will need to take precautions to secure personal property (e.g. locking your apartment and bedroom door, engraving your possessions, registering your bike). You must also consider your personal security and be aware of vulnerable situations. Keep your apartment mates informed about your whereabouts and let them know when you will be returning home. When possible, travel with a friend and check campus maps for the best lighted paths. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the police. Your careful attention to security is in everyone's best interests.

Each resident, occupant, guest and invitee is responsible for the security and safety of his or her own person and property and should not rely on any security devices or measures. Neither the apartment management nor the university is responsible for the safety or security of any resident, occupant, guest or invitee and their property. Neither the apartment management nor the university promises to provide any security devices or measures or warrants or guarantees the effectiveness or operability of any such devices or measures, if provided. PLEASE CALL 911 IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. We encourage each resident to lock the door when leaving the apartment, engrave their possessions and register their bicycles.

The university expects all students to report crimes immediately by contacting the UC Davis Police. Fire, police or medical emergencies can be reported in person or by dialing 911 from any telephone on campus. Emergency aid can also be requested using the emergency system located in most campus elevators. If the call is non-emergency, or when calling from a cell phone, please dial the Davis Police Department at 530.747.5400 or the Davis Fire Department at 530.757.5684.

A. Building & Apartment Access

SHA residents have access to the Segundo Service Center, Tercero Service Center, and Cuarto's services locations (found in Thoreau Hall and Emerson Hall) to utilize the academic support and computer resources available to them. For security, these exterior doors are always locked. You can use your student ID (Aggie Card) to gain access. Students with issues accessing the Academic Advising Centers and Computer Centers should go to the Segundo Services Desk located in the Segundo Services Center. The Segundo Services Desk can also assist with access issues and student ID and meal card issues.

1. Replacement Student ID Card

If you lose your original student ID card (Aggie Card), you will need to get a replacement from the Aggie Card Office. After receiving your replacement card, please go to the Segundo Service Desk so they can update the Housing access system. Housing staff will notify University Dining Services to ensure that your meal access is also updated in their system if applicable.

B. Renter's Insurance

The University does not assume any responsibility for the loss, damage, or destruction of personal property. We suggest that you check with your insurance agent to find out about renter's insurance to protect your personal belongings. It is also recommended that you take your valuables home during the breaks. Student Housing maintains an Insurance Resources webpage, which has information about renters insurance and tuition insurance, for those who want to learn more.