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Guide to Student Housing Apartments


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Section 1: Your Housing Contract

A. Housing Payments

Housing payments must be delivered or mailed to the Cashier's Office in Dutton Hall. Please include your name and student identification number on the check and include the Student Housing payment coupon with each payment.

Mail payments to: Cashier's Office PO Box 989062 West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062.

Students may view other payment options by going to mybill.ucdavis.edu.

Housing payments become delinquent after the tenth of the month; if this falls on a weekend, payment must be made the Monday immediately following. To ensure consistency regardless of payment method, all payments must be received by 4pm on the tenth day of the month to avoid a $75 late fee.

If you have problems making a payment, contact Student Housing Accounts Receivable (170 Student Housing, 530-752-2481) before the due date to discuss payment options.

B. Roommate Agreements

Roommates are either randomly assigned or matched based on student's request. It is recommended that a Roommate Agreement Form be completed anytime two or more students engage in a new living situation. This provides you and your roommate(s) an opportunity to have a conversation about individual likes, dislikes, needs, and use of space and belongings. The more you are prepared for your new living situation, the more enjoyable your roommate relationship will probably be. Communication goes a long way towards heading off potential problems and establishing understanding. If conflicts arise, students are encouraged to discuss issues directly with each other in an appropriate manner. Sometimes conflicts are difficult to resolve on your own and outside mediation may be needed. Please contact your property manager, CA, or the Coordinator for Apartment Living to help address these situations.

C. Inventory & Inspection

You are responsible for the condition of your apartment at all times. When checking into your apartment, you should fill out an online Apartment Inventory Form. You must complete this form documenting the condition of your apartment within the first week of instruction. Upon vacating your apartment, this form will be used to determine charges for damages or cleaning beyond normal use and wear. If you do not complete an apartment inventory form, you are accepting the apartment "as is". Prompt reporting of damages and required maintenance will hasten repairs; you will not be charged for repairing something that breaks due to normal wear and tear.

D. Apartment Transfers

Apartment transfers are available during specific times of the year and are made based upon space availability. Students wishing to move to another apartment must meet with the Community Assistant to discuss room transfers. The university reserves the right to assign or reassign students to other apartments for pending disciplinary action or in order to make the most effective use of the available accommodations. If space is available, requests for apartment transfers because of personal safety concerns, i.e. physical or sexual assault, will be honored.

E. Eligibility

Students are entitled to apartment space occupancy only while a registered student at the University of California, Davis. The resident must be a full time registered student making satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Office of the Registrar and must be enrolled in at least 12 units. Exceptions to the eligibility requirements are made on a case by case basis and should be forwarded to the Residential Services Manager for consideration.

F. Subleases

Subleasing is prohibited.

G. Cancelation Policy

Students can cancel their contract if they are withdrawing, PELPing, will no longer be attending UC Davis, or have been given prior approval by Student Housing to cancel their contract. Students that are no longer eligible to live in SHA or have been released from their housing contract must go to Student Housing to begin the check out process and complete a Notice of Cancellation.

H. Checking Out/Moving Out

Checking out involves cleaning your apartment and bedroom, and returning your keys to the Student Housing Office. Students must return their apartment and bedroom to its original condition. New students assigned to the space have a right to a clean and properly furnished space.

I. Homesteading

Students with a vacancy within their room/suite must be prepared to have a new roommate at any time. Residents are expected to be welcoming to prospective new roommates and should not discourage others from occupying a space. Students that discourage others from moving into vacant spaces may be relocated to a new room and/or referred for disciplinary action. Residents should not homestead the room: spread their belongings throughout the room or use furniture designated for the new resident. Residents found to be homesteading will be billed for costs required to make the contracted space available to a new resident. The homesteading charge is $75.