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Guide to Solano Park


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The vast majority of residents living in Solano Park maintain a high standard of maturity, responsibility and common sense regarding personal conduct. The small percentage exhibiting behavior that negatively impacts the whole community are held accountable either through administrative action or through campus Student Judicial Affairs. All residents, their children and/or guests are responsible for policies, rules, and regulations contained in this handbook as well as lease information.

Administrative Action

Residents will be assessed and/or action taken through one or more of the following ways by Student Housing staff following any incident reported for a violation of policy, rules, or regulations:

  • Student Housing Incident Report (documentation of the incident)
  • Verbal follow‑up from a staff member

Administrative Warning

A meeting with the Complex Coordinator and/or a referral to the Residential Services Manager

Administrative Probation

A meeting with the Residential Services Manager and the Student Judicial Affairs Officer and an official notice that future violations will result in a hearing or eviction — this may include disciplinary action from the university

Apartment Relocation

A requirement to relocate to a designated apartment or complex on a specific date and time

Notice to Vacate

A notice to vacate the apartment within a specified time may be issued to individuals who disrupt the community.