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Apartment Use and Care

Residents are responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of the apartment in a clean, safe condition. Residents will be held accountable for any apartment damage beyond normal wear. The university is not liable for any loss of or damage to a resident’s personal property. Apartments are subject to inspection upon 24‑hour notice by Student Housing staff.

Alterations & Decorations

As stated in Section 7 of the Lease Agreement, Conditions & Regulations, a resident “shall make no alterations, improvements or additions on the premises without the prior written consent of the university. If consent is obtained, the undersigned (resident) is responsible for removing any additions or improvements and returning the premises to their original condition. Failure to do so shall result in a charge for all costs associated with the required restoration. This charge shall be paid within ten (10) days after notification of charges. Screws, transparent tape and gummed picture hangers, or other items damaging to walls, woodwork, or other parts of the building are prohibited. Pictures and other decorations may be hung with hangers of the type approved by the Solano Park office. Floor glides on furniture legs are recommended to prevent damage to the floor covering.” Tenants may not install their own locks on any doors. Apartments may not be painted. If an apartment is painted, the tenant will be billed for returning the apartment to its original condition.

Antennae & Satellite Dishes

Requesting A Dish

Residents must request if installation of a satellite dish is possible. This should be submitted online or at the Solano Park Office.


Residents may not install their own dish or cabling system. The dish, mounting device, hardware, cable connectors, etc. are supplied by the tenant. Student Housing reserves the right to require mounting hardware that we certify as safe.


Dishes will be installed only in outdoor areas that are part of the tenant's rented space and are under the exclusive use of the tenant. Typically this is on the balcony or railing. No dish will be installed on the roof, balcony gate, exterior wall, stairway, stair railing, stair landing or any area that is shared public space or part of the rented space of another tenant. Cabling may not pass through the rented space of another tenant or through shared public space.


The satellite company will install the dish and cabling per Student Housing specifications.

  • Arrangements must be made at the Solano Park office to have Maintenance meet with the installer to make sure he/she follows guidelines for installation.
  • The cable will run from the dish, through the wall at the air conditioner and into the living room. Residents must provide a cable long enough for this routing, including enough length to reach the television wherever the tenant places it.
  • No holes will be drilled through walls or window screens to accommodate cable.
  • Cable will not enter the apartment through the front door, sliding glass door, windows or around screens, since this will compromise safety and security.


Residents are required to remove the dish and cabling system six weeks prior to vacating. Student Housing reserves the right to remove the dish and cabling system at any time should it be determined that a hazardous or unsafe condition exists. The tenant assumes all costs associated with removal.


Student Housing assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage to or problems with the television, dish, hardware, and/or cabling system that may result from installation either while the system is installed or during removal. The above regulations comply with the Federal Communications Commission Order FCC 98‑273, Section 7 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, to promote consumer choice and competition in the video programming distribution market.

Apartment Inventory & Inspection

You are responsible for the condition of your apartment at all times. When checking into your apartment, you will receive an Apartment Inventory & Inspection sheet. You must complete this form outlining the condition of your apartment and return it to the Solano Park office within 72 hours. Upon vacating your apartment, this form will be used to help determine charges for damages or cleaning beyond normal use and wear. If you do not turn in an Apartment Inventory & Inspection sheet, you are accepting the apartment "as is." Prompt reporting to the Solano Park office of damages or required maintenance will hasten repairs; you will not be charged for repairing something that breaks due to normal wear and tear.


A refrigerator/freezer and a stove/oven are provided in each apartment. Additional major appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, air‑conditioning units, and other such appliances are not permitted inside or outside the apartment units because of safety issues and the damage they can cause to plumbing and building structure.


UC Davis takes a proactive approach in addressing the issue of all types of household pests, including bedbugs. It is our goal to maintain the highest quality living environment for our residents. Student Housing has no prior knowledge of a bedbug infestation or has professionally treated the room for bedbugs.

Any student who suspects they may have bedbugs in their room is required to immediately notify their Area Service Desk to report the problem. An inspection will be scheduled and treatment will be done if bedbugs are present. Students may be temporarily transferred to another space while their room is being treated and re-inspected. Students will be asked to leave all belongings in the room for treatment while they are relocated.

Students are advised to avoid buying or receiving used furniture, mattress pads or covers due to possible “hitch hiking” of bedbugs into the room. Bedbugs may also be carried into a room in luggage, backpacks, clothing and packages. Resident owned belongings that are found to have bedbugs must be permanently removed or treated and re-inspected before being returned to the room.

Child Safety Fence

Please submit a Service Request online or call 530-752-8200 if you would like a “child safety fence” installed around your first floor patio. Installing your own locks on patio fences are prohibited.

Cleaning Guidelines

The following cleaning guidelines address some of the areas that need attention throughout the time period that you occupy a Solano Park apartment. Regular cleaning of your apartment while you are living here will save you a lot of time and work at the end of your lease when you are doing the final cleaning. There are many brands and types of cleaning products available to you at grocery, department and drug stores. Every cleaner typically has instructions for usage, safety precautions, and a list of specific uses on the label. Some harsh cleaners and scrubbing tools can cause serious damage to surfaces of bathtubs, sinks, fixtures, etc. You may be held responsible for costs associated with damage caused while cleaning.

Following is a list of Student Housing’s recommendation of products that are relatively safe to use if you follow the instructions. We also included items we do not recommend because they can damage the surfaces you are cleaning.

Mold and mildew can become a problem due to wet, warm, and stagnant air in the apartments. It is best to let sunlight and fresh air into your apartments. There are special cleaners on the market with a pH of 10 or higher that are designed to help remove mold and mildew. These kinds of cleaners should be used immediately when the first signs of mold or mildew occur in bathrooms, around windows, and doors, and on walls. We recommend using Tilex Mildew Remover or X‑14 Mildew Remover for this type of cleaning. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the product label.

Floors must be swept before wet mopping. Using a sponge mop with a pail of warm water, pour the recommended amount of nonabrasive or neutral cleaner into the pail. Before applying the wet mop to the floor, make sure the mop is rung out almost dry. Wait for the clean floor to dry before walking on it.


Recommend: Blue sponges, SOS pads®, Tuffy®, steel sponges

Do NOT Use: Brillo® pads, Chore Boy®, green pads

All Purpose Cleaners

Recommend: Ajax® liquid, Fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, Parson's®, Spic & Span®

Do NOT Use: Ajax® powder, Comet® powder, abrasive powder

Bathroom Cleaners

Recommend: Lysol®, Pine Sol®, Tilex®, X-14®

Do NOT Use: CLR®


Recommend: 409®

Do NOT Use: Abrasive cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Recomend: Windex®

Do NOT Use: Abrasive cleaners

Oven Cleaners:

Recommend: Easy Off®

Do NOT Use: Abrasive cleaners

Exterior Electrical Service

Residents may not extend electrical power outside the apartment by extension cord or any other means. Decorative lights may only be installed indoors.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal systems are not permitted as our pipeline system cannot accommodate them.

Heating & Air Conditioning

All apartments in Solano Park have independent controls for both heating and air conditioning units. You are billed directly by PG&E for costs associated with operating these units. Before the onset of winter, maintenance staff will enter each apartment to light wall heater pilots and check apartment security hardware; in spring, maintenance staff will enter each apartment to check the air conditioner. Notice is given to each apartment before entry for these two annual checks.

Household Waste

You may be held responsible for the costs associated with clearing out drain lines that have been obstructed or blocked due to improper disposal of household waste.

To avoid such situations in the kitchen, please do not pour any oil, fat or grease into your sink drain. Please collect cooled oil, fat and grease in glass or metal containers with lids. Once full, these containers can be put in the regular trash.

To avoid such situations in the bathroom, please do not flush anything down the toilet other than human waste and toilet tissue. Do not flush feminine hygiene products, paper towels, facial tissue, dental floss, baby wipes, children's toys, etc. down the toilet. Removing such items from the plumbing drain system can be very expensive and you may be held responsible for such charges

Patio & Balcony Guidelines

Balcony gates must be unobstructed from both sides at all times. Reasonable passage must be possible the full length of the balcony and breezeway for entering and exiting in case of emergency. Reasonable passage is defined as a width of 24 or more inches. All balcony privacy gates must be operable (not nailed or wired closed) and must be marked “Fire Exit. Keep Clear.” Residents are responsible for requesting repairs to keep the gates operable.

In addition to items mentioned both here and in Section 12 of your lease agreement, the following guidelines will be enforced: 1) Furniture designed for interior use may not be placed or used anywhere outside of the leased premises 2) Cardboard boxes, wood, newspaper or books, plastic bags or anything that would attract pests or rodents may not be stored on patios or balconies; 3) Potting soil, garden tools, or other small items may be stored in sealed containers on the patio or balcony; 4) Railings should not be used to dry clothes or display small items and potted plants; 5) Fire code prohibits storage under stairwells.

Retractable clotheslines can be furnished and installed by Student Housing for your use; request one through the Solano Park office or online. As a general guideline, patios and balconies may contain items that would normally belong in a backyard; items normally stored in a garage will generally not be permitted on patios or balconies. Enforcement of these policies occurs regularly with notice given verbally and in writing by Student Housing staff. Noncompliance with these guidelines is grounds for termination of your lease agreement.


Cats and dogs are not permitted at Solano Park unless they have received an exception through Student Housing as an approved service or support animal. Please contact Student Housing for more information about this approval process. Other small caged animals (lizards, fish, hamsters, etc.) of good health and which must remain within a small cage or aquarium inside the apartment are permissible. If any permitted pet becomes a nuisance or health hazard to neighbors or the university, or becomes neglected, this exception may be rescinded. The resident is liable for any damage caused by the pet or the container holding the pet.

Please - No Feeding Ducks

Often there are wild ducks around the grounds in Solano Park. For health and safety reasons related to the ducks as well as our community, feeding of the ducks (or any animals) is not permitted on Solano Park grounds.

Harassment of Animals

While ducks are often a source of frustration for our community members, we ask that residents be mindful of children’s behavior toward the ducks. At times the Student housing office will take steps to “herd” the ducks to the Arboretum; however, section 251.1 of the Waterfowl Regulations states the following: “Except as otherwise authorized in these regulations or in the Fish and Game Code, no person shall harass, herd or drive any game or nongame bird or mammal or furbearing mammal. For the purposes of this section, harass is defined as an intentional act which disrupts an animal's normal behavior patterns, which includes, but is not limited to, breeding, feeding or sheltering. This section does not apply to a landowner or tenant who drives or herds birds or mammals for the purpose of preventing damage to private or public property, including aquaculture and agriculture crops.”

Play Structures & Toys

Outdoor toys i.e. play structures and bicycles must be marked with your apartment number. Children’s toys must be stored when not in use, out of respect for neighbors. On mowing days, it is imperative that you place your play structures on your patio area. Tot pools must be supervised by an adult at all times and emptied immediately after use for safety reasons.


Under the terms of the lease agreement, you are not allowed to make any repairs or alterations to your apartment. To request repairs, submit a Service Request online, or call 530-752-8200. If you have an emergency repair on the weekend or in the evening, please contact your Resident Assistant (phone numbers are posted on the Solano Park office door). Maintenance staff provide service between 8am and 4:30pm except in emergencies. When a service request is placed, it is understood that university staff has been given permission to enter the apartment to make needed repairs.

You may also submit a service request at myucdavis. The Service Request link is located on the myHousing "tile". To learn more about myucdavis and the myHousing tile, check out the Student Housing myucdavis webpage.

Storage Space

Limited storage is available. See your Solano Park office for information. Please remember that designated storage rooms are the only places you can store extra belongings. Student Housing will not assume responsibility for items left in storage.

Storm Drains

For many years, it was common practice to wash down sidewalks and driveways, rinse out various containers, or wash down equipment and vehicles directly into storm drain inlets. On the UC Davis campus, storm water drains directly into our local waterway. Storm drains in the core campus drain directly into the Arboretum Waterway, and excess water from the Arboretum Water-way discharges to Putah Creek. Campus EH & S would like to encourage members of the campus community to take an active role in helping eliminate non-storm water pollutants from entering the campus storm water conveyance system. This will help ensure the campus stays in compliance with both federal and state regulations, but will also help to protect the environment for both wildlife and us.

The storm water information is located on the Safety Services website, located at: safetyservices.ucdavis.edu, under Environmental Compliance/Water Quality Programs.

The campus community can also report illicit discharges on-line at: http://safetyservices.ucdavis.edu/programs-and-services/environmental-compliance/water-1/report-of-an-illicit-discharge.


Residents may request written permission to install a sunscreen on balconies and patios to conserve electrical energy and reduce heat buildup in the summer. Residents must consult the Solano Park office before purchasing materials since both the placement and selection of materials must be approved by Student Housing.

The following criteria are required for sunscreens.

  • Materials must be safe for passersby e.g. no sharp edges.
  • Construction and placement may not interfere with emergency entrance or egress as defined in the fire safety regulations.
  • Hooks or other means of supporting sunscreens are to be installed only by Housing staff.
  • Sunscreens are to be removed by the resident upon vacating and hooks left in place.

Tax Credits

Apartments on university‑owned land are exempt from California State Property Tax. Therefore, students living in these facilities are not eligible for renter’s credit.

Window Coverings

Window coverings are provided only on sliding glass doors. These coverings are to be maintained by the resident, and failure to do so will result in damage charges billed to the residents university account.