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Park Facilities and Services

Community Centers

Solano Park has a community center with comfortable furniture, a television, DVD/VCR, and a community kitchen. Many of the social and educational programs planned to enrich community life take place in the community center. The community center is available seven days a week, from 8am to midnight, and can be reserved any time after the tenth of the previous month, i.e. reservations can be made as early as September 11 for an event occurring October 25. Reservations must be made either 24 hours prior to the event or ten working days prior if alcohol is to be served. Alcohol permits will be issued at the discretion of the university in accordance with university policy and state law. To ensure that the community center remains a pleasant space for all our residents, please take a few minutes to read these important reminders.

  • Clean the community center thoroughly after your event. When turning in your keys, the cleaning should have been completed and the floors dry.
  • Advise your guests of proper parking procedures to avoid citations. Please review parking regulations for your area to obtain the most current information for visitors/guests.
  • Be prompt in keeping your key pick up and return appointments with the Resident Assistant. Call the Resident Assistant 24 hours in advance of your appointment to confirm the key pick up and return time. If you are going to be late or must cancel your function, be sure to call the Resident Assistant and notify him/her. If you are late for your appointment and have not contacted the Resident Assistant, your reservation will be canceled.
  • Be aware of the noise level. In consideration of neighbors, we encourage you to keep doors and windows closed and keep participants inside the community center after dark.

Community Gardens

The Solano Park Garden Associationwould like to welcome all prospective gardeners to the Solano Park garden. Association members are residents of Solano Park who pay a small yearly fee for individual garden plots. The association provides gardening equipment such as shovels, rakes, hoes and wheelbarrows for member use; power equipment such as tillers and weed trimmers are available for hourly rental. Organic fertilizer and mulch are often provided by the university.

Garden plots are assigned on a first come first serve basis and leased annually at $25 per plot (10'x60').  Individual plots are cleared and cultivated by the leaseholder, though the association clears unassigned plots on clean up days which help keep gardens free of weeds and overgrowth. Garden leases require members to participate in community clean up days, typically two four‑hour work days scheduled on weekends; leaseholders not participating in clean up days will be assessed a fee by the Garden Association.

The Solano Park Garden Association encourages any resident with an interest in gardening to visit our gardens. Please contact the Solano Park Garden Association at solanoparkgardens@gmail.com for more information.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry rooms and drying courts are provided for your convenience; clothes dryers are not permitted inside or outside apartments. If your apartment key has 4 digits, it will open the laundry room; if your key has 5 digits, you will need to request a laundry key from the office. Laundry rooms are available 24 hours a day for residents use only — please keep laundry room doors closed for security. Due to high volume usage, residents are asked to extend the following courtesies:

  • Accurately time wash/dry cycles so that clothes may be removed promptly.
  • Throw away trash such as softener sheets and clean up spills. If there is an equipment problem, please contact CSC Service Works at (877) 264-6622 with the machine number and nature of the problem.

Laundry may be dried on balconies or patios in accordance with patio/balcony guidelines outlined within this guide; you may use a clothesline installed by Student Housing or a drying rack. When not in use, racks must be stored to provide safe egress — please do not place the racks in exit paths. No laundry may be dried in breezeways or areas adjacent to buildings.


Lockouts can be avoided by always carrying your key. If you are locked out of your apartment, you may check out a key from the Solano Park office. When the Solano Park office is closed, a Resident Assistant can issue you another key; these keys must be returned when the Solano Park office reopens. Should you request temporary keys repeatedly, you will be charged an administration fee after the sixth request.

US Mail & Community Announcements


Solano Park

For buildings 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600, 4100, 4200, 4300, the mailing address is:

  • 4400 Solano Park Circle, Apt. #
    Davis, CA 95616‑8752

For buildings 1700, 1800, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2400, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3900, 4000, the mailing address is:

  • 3800 Solano Park Circle, Apt. #
    Davis, CA 95616‑8752

For buildings 2600, 2700, 2800, 3000, 3100, 3200 & 3400, the mailing address is:

  • 2900 Solano Park Circle, Apt. #
    Davis, CA 95616‑8752

* The Solano Park office does not accept packages for residents.

Community Newsletter

The Park Messenger newsletter and critical administrative notices such as notices of apartment entry will be delivered to your door. Residents are notified additionally via their UC Davis email account; we encourage everyone to consistently check this account.


Children live to play, and our children enjoy playgrounds located within the complex. The large play areas have lawns and are equipped with benches for residents to use and enjoy while watching their children play. Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children at all times; a responsible caregiver must provide active supervision to children. Limited sports equipment is available for check out through your Resident Assistant.

Trash & Recycling Services

Please empty trash into the large dumpsters outside. Garbage may not be left in or on hallways, walkways, patios, or balconies for health and safety reasons. Aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper can be recycled in community recycling bins. Pitch in! Remember however, that only designated items should be placed in recycling bins to avoid contamination.

Telephone Service

Telephone service is provided at your own expense; service information will be included in your check‑in packet when you pick up your key at the Solano Park office. You must first contact a service provider such as AT&T (att.com; 800.214‑8433) to establish local service. Please note that telephone problems must first be reported to the Solano Park office before contracting repair work.

Gas & Electric Service

Please remember to call Pacific Gas & Electric (800.743‑5000) to have electricity and gas service put into your name; assistance is also available in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages — these are listed in the telephone book, in the business section (pink edged pages) under Pacific Gas &Electric. PG&E may not bill residents immediately, but tenants are responsible for charges accrued from the date they pick up their keys.

Computer Network, Cable Television, Streaming Movies

Students living in Solano Park have access to high speed Internet and basic cable television service.

Computer Network

Your computer needs to be “network ready” to access the network data connection. Please contact the Solano Park office or visit the Residential Computing section of the Student Housing website (housing.ucdavis.edu/computers) for more information. The Residential Computing webpages offer information about registering your computer and setting it up to access the network; computer recommendations and minimum requirements; UC Davis Stores computer promotions; important announcements; links to campus networking resources; and more.

Each apartment has one active computer data connection which will be identified by your park office. If you choose to have a different data port activated, or if you would like additional ports installed in your apartment, a one-time charge will be assessed by Communications Resources. The leaseholder must contact the Solano Park office to initiate a request. Computer hubs and routers are allowed within Solano Park.

Cable Television

Residents have access to basic cable television. The channel guide is available online.

There is one cable hookup in each apartment. Cable connections will only work if you have a cable ready television. Note: Service may be interrupted occasionally if there are problems or if maintenance work is performed on the system.

Streaming Movies

In addition to the many cable channels available, Student Housing provides an online streaming movie service which plays a wide range of films.

Note: many films may have content inappropriate for children (ratings R, NC17, and PG13). Programming cannot be blocked by area, and parents are cautioned to provide supervision.

Funding for the streaming movies service comes solely from residence hall students, so movie programs will be suspended when residence halls are closed. Rent at Solano Park does not fund the movies service.

Network Use Policy

Residents are responsible for following the campus Computer & Network Use Policy. Computers and networks can provide access to resources on and off campus. Such open access is a privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly. Users must respect the rights of each other, respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws, regulations, and contractual obligations. Since electronic information is volatile and easily reproduced, users must exercise care in acknowledging and respecting the work of others through strict adherence to software licensing agreements and copyright laws.

Unacceptable network use includes, but is not limited to the following examples: spam mail, hate mail, e‑commerce, copyright infringement, operating an unauthorized server, use or display of offensive material, and “hacking” (unauthorized access to another system). E‑mail and instant messages containing threats, harassing language, intimidation, or other offensive content are not tolerated and the sender will be subject to disciplinary action.