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Lease Agreement

The Solano Park Lease Agreement is a legally binding document. Because of this, it is important to communicate any changes in your household or student status to Student Housing (phone: 530-752‑2033, email: studenthousing@ucdavis.edu, office: 160 Student Housing).

The apartment is to be used only as a single‑family residence. The priority for Solano Park is to house students and student families and only by exception from Student Housing can an unrelated non-student live with a student leaseholder.  Leaseholders are permitted to have up to two related adults (one related adult in a one-bedroom and two related adults in a two-bedroom) or one unrelated, eligible student adult living in the apartment. A maximum of three (3) related residents shall be allowed in a one‑bedroom unit and a maximum of five (5) related residents shall be allowed in a two‑bedroom unit. Leaseholders are permitted to have one related or unrelated adult living with them. Permission for more occupants than allowed under this section shall be approved, in advance, by the university. The leaseholder may have occasional overnight and weekend guests without notice to or consent of the university.

Apartment Size

Two-bedroom apartments are prioritized for Student families – students with children and married students as well as two student roommates with one student as the leaseholder.  Single graduate and undergraduate are restricted to 1 bedroom units unless they have an eligible student roommate (additional adult occupant).  If a student leaseholder leases a 2-bedroom apartment with an eligible student roommate and the roommate moves out during the lease year, the leaseholder will have to find an eligible student roommate or may transfer to a 1 bedroom apartment.  Only by Student Housing exception can a single graduate or undergraduate student rent a 2 bedroom apartment without an eligible student roommate and exceptions will be based on student need and waitlist demand.


Student Housing remains committed to giving students with children priority in Solano Park at UC Davis. All students are eligible to live in Solano Park with up to two related adults (see above for limitations) or one unrelated, eligible student. To request that any additional adults over eighteen live in Solano Park, a formal written request must be submitted to Student Housing by mail (160 Student Housing, University of California, Davis, California, 95616‑8712) or email studenthousing@ucdavis.edu. Justifications for dependent children over 18 must include full time registered student status at an educational institution within a 120 mile radius of UC Davis and dependent status on the student resident’s federal income tax. Documentation establishing legal guardianship and/or relating to medical conditions will be required as they relate to requests for policy exception.

Leaseholder Status

The leaseholder must be a full-time registered UC Davis student during fall, winter, and spring quarters/semesters. During the summer, you may remain in your apartment if you will be a registered student in the fall. Following at least one quarter/semester of occupancy, the student is permitted to have one quarter of nonregistered status (excluding summers). You must be registered for the quarter immediately following this period of nonregistered status.

Household Status

All occupants must be listed on the lease. All occupants listed on the lease must reside in the apartment on a full‑time basis; the exception being children whose parents have at least 50% legal custody.

Lease Name Changes

Lease name changes are approved for married students or students with domestic partners provided that the spouse or domestic partners are registered as full-time students. Students with roommates are not permitted to transfer the lease into the roommates' name.  Roommates should contact Student Housing or the Solano Park Office for available options.  All leaseholders are required to go through the application and waitlist process.

Guest Policy & Exceptions

Residents may have occasional overnight and weekend guests without notice to or consent of the university. However, the same overnight guest may not stay in Solano Park for more than seven (7) nights during any consecutive fifteen (15) day period without prior written consent of the university. (See §4 of the lease agreement.) For details, contact Student Housing (studenthousing@ucdavis.edu, 530.752‑2033).

Guests may not stay beyond the end date on the leaseholder’s lease agreement. If the resident’s lease agreement is renewed, they must reapply for an additional occupant exception to cover the new lease period. To request an exception to the lease agreement guest policy, leaseholders must submit a written request to Student Housing [160 Student Housing . University of California . Davis, California . 95616‑8712] including the following information.

  • Why an exception is being requested.
  • The name and birthdate of the additional occupant.
  • Beginning and end date of additional occupant’s stay. The following points are considered in assessing all exception requests.
  • The guest cannot have any negative impact on the community.
  • Maximum occupancy allowable in the lease agreement cannot be exceeded.
  • The leaseholder does not have any current lease violations. Lease exceptions will be granted for petitions on behalf of the following individuals
  • Biological or adoptive parent of leaseholder’s children (joint custody)
  • Partner
  • Any family member who has a primary responsibility to care for children of the leaseholder.
  • Any dependent of the leaseholder (for as long as they remain a dependent).

If the aforementioned criteria are met and the request approved, both the leaseholder and the additional adult occupant must meet with a lease representative within one week to complete an additional adult occupant form. If the aforementioned criteria is not satisfied, the Residential Services Manager will determine whether an exception to policy is warranted and may consult with the Associate Director, Administrative Services. Residents wishing to appeal a decision of the Residential Services Manager may do so in writing to the Associate Director, Administrative Services within three (3) days of receipt of the letter of denial; decisions by the Associate Director are final.

Household Status Changes

Student Housing must be notified of any change in household status, i.e. new child, separation, divorce, or marriage. A maximum of three (3) residents shall be allowed in a one‑bedroom unit and a maximum of five (5) residents shall be allowed in a two‑bedroom unit; the university must give advance approval to any exceptions.


Residents wishing to sublet their apartments may do so for one quarter/semester or for the summer months. Leaseholders are unable to sublet their apartment at the start of their lease. Apartments may only be sublet to registered UC Davis students during the academic quarters/semesters and registered students, faculty members, or staff employees of UC Davis during the summer. You must first submit a Sublease Eligibility Statement [housing. ucdavis.edu/publications] requesting permission to sublet. If your request is approved an appointment will be scheduled for both you and your sublessee to meet with the Residential Services Assistant Manager to complete and sign a sublease agreement. Failure to follow assignment and sublease terms is a violation of your lease, and consequences vary from meeting with the Residential Services Assistant Manager, referral to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and/or termination of your lease.

Apartment Transfers

Apartment transfers will be granted at the discretion of Student Housing and must comply with use and eligibility guidelines. They will be treated in a manner similar to a new application: the eligible resident’s name will be placed on a chronological waiting list with other applicants when the application is received. Residents can apply for a transfer from October 1 through March 31. Leaseholders must reside in their current apartment for at least 6 months until they can submit a transfer request. If there is a medical need for an exception, the request must be supported by documentation from a professional.

Right of Entry

The university may enter apartments as allowed by law for the following reasons: in case of emergency; to make repairs, alterations or improvements; to supply necessary or agreed upon services; to provide pest control as necessary; to show the apartment to prospective or actual workers and/or contractors; when the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the apartment either pursuant to court order or with the tenant’s consent. A 24 hour written notice of entry will be given except in cases of emergency, abandonment, apartment surrender, or by tenant consent at time of entry.

NOTE: Permission to Enter the apartment is granted when submitting an online service request. 24 hour notice will not be given, however service requests will be performed during weekday work hours unless deemed an emergency (water, fire, smoke, personal safety).

Rent Payment

All rent payments are made to the Cashier’s Office (Dutton Hall) either in person or by mail.

  • Cashier’s Office
    University of California
    One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616‑8549
  • Office hours are 9am‑4pm, Monday through Friday
  • Please write your name and student ID# on your check and include a Student Housing payment coupon with each payment

Rent payments are due the first business day of the month; postmark dates are not accepted in determining receipt of payment. Rent payments not received by the fifteenth of the month are delinquent and a late charge will be assessed. Other housing charges not paid by the dates indicated will also be considered delinquent and may accrue additional charges. Failure to pay rent by the fifteenth day following the due date will result in service of a “Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit.” In accordance with the law, this notice must be conspicuously posted on the front door of the apartment. Failure to respond to the Three Day Notice will initiate eviction proceedings.

If you are unable to make timely payment, request a deferment from Student Housing [Residential Student Accounts, 530-752-2481, 170 Student Housing] no later than the fifteenth of the month. Statements generated from UC Davis Student Accounting include housing charges such as damage assessments and additional parking decal fees — these are statements only. Failure to pay rent by the deadline three or more times within the lease year that result in service of delinquent notices, may result in students being ineligible for a lease renewal.

Renter's Insurance

It is important to remember that the university does not assume any responsibility for the loss, damage, or destruction of personal property, so think ahead about protecting your belongings. If you are a homeowner, your policy may cover property away from the home. We suggest that you check with your insurance agent to find out about renter’s insurance.

Lease Renewal

Evidence of continuing status as a regularly enrolled student for the forthcoming quarter/semester or UC Davis affiliation end dates are determining factors taken into consideration during the lease renewal process which begins in April. Student Housing remains committed to giving students with children priority in the leasing of apartments. At least forty-two (42) days prior to the expiration date of your lease, you will be required to give evidence of eligibility and to submit a written request indicating you wish to continue to occupy the premises. Failure to pay rent by the deadline three or more months within one lease year that result in service of delinquent notices, may result in students being ineligible for a lease renewal.

Lease Termination

The university may terminate the lease without cause upon giving a forty-two (42) day written notice. If any of the following occur, a three‑day notice to perform covenant or quit may be issued: 1) tenant fails to maintain eligibility; 2) tenant fails to pay rent promptly; 3) tenant unreasonably damages or endangers the apartment or disturbs other tenants; 4) tenant violates other provisions of the lease, including those of the Conditions & Regulations or within this booklet; 5) tenant sublets or assigns rights without receiving prior written consent from the university. Any individuals residing in an apartment the lease has been terminated by Student Housing may be unable to reapply to live at Solano Park.

When you move out of an apartment, you must follow the procedures outlined in the lease agreement. You must submit to the Solano Park office a forty-two (42) day written notice of your intention to terminate the lease agreement; the last month’s rent will be prorated according to the number of days you will be responsible for rent. Before vacating, all residents must also clean the apartment, turn in keys, complete a forwarding address form, and return any parking permit(s) to the Solano Park office. The Solano Park office will provide you with a guide to vacating, containing detailed instructions on moving out.

Fees & Charges

Apartment lock change

  • $50

Mailbox lock change

  • $50

Lockout (applied upon seventh event)

  • $25

Cleaning upon vacating

  • $30/hr

Failure to set up utility

  • $25

Solano Parking Permits

First tenant permit
  • $180 annually
Add'l. tenant permit
  • $280 annually (prorated monthly)
Weekly visitor permit
  • $10
Replacement tenant permit
  • $10
Replacement visitor permit
  • $10