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Guide to Solano Park


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Solano Park Staff

Complex Coordinator

The Complex Coordinator is a full‑time professional staff member with extensive experience working with residents. Some of the position duties include helping residents with housing and personal problems; advising Solano Park activities; supervising and training Resident Assistants; and helping to develop positive communities in Solano Park.

Solano Park Office Coordinator

The Solano Park Office Coordinator provides general information to residents and performs daily administrative tasks such as check in of new residents, issuance of parking permits, and processing of vacate notices.

Resident Assistants

After Hours/Emergency Cell Phone:

  • SolanoPark 681‑0884

Resident Assistants (RAs) are community members who have knowledge and experience working with residents. They receive many hours of training and are available to help you with problems or questions. One of their roles is to help you and your neighbors create a healthy community. RAs organize social and educational programs throughout the year. They also communicate and interpret Student Housing policy and respond to situations which are contrary to policy. A Resident Assistant (RA) is available 4:30pm‑8am, Monday‑Friday, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. The Resident Assistant is available to assist you with questions, problems, or emergencies when the Solano Park office is closed. If your own Resident Assistant is not available, you can call the Resident Assistant on‑call for housing related emergencies. Some services provided by Resident Assistants are listed below.

  • Information when the office is closed
  • Programs and social activities
  • Conflict resolution with neighbor disputes
  • Delivery of notices to your door
  • Evening and weekend emergency help
  • Access to community center, carts and barbecues
  • Assistance with lockouts
  • Parking lot patrols
  • Monthly inspections of patio/balconies

Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping staff are responsible for helping you keep the common areas clean (community centers, laundry rooms, playgrounds, offices, etc.). These staff members have visible identification badges and most work for a contracted custodial service company.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance staff perform all basic maintenance at Solano Park. Your prompt reporting of damages or items needing repair to the Solano Park office will help to keep your apartment in good shape.

Grounds Staff

Grounds staff take care of all outdoor areas, with the exception of patio/balcony areas, which are maintained by leaseholders. If you notice broken sprinklers or fallen tree limbs, please make a report at the Solano Park office. Grounds staff will do a general cleanup of areas in front of the apartments, but residents are expected to sweep their own front door stoop.