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Vehicle and Parking Policies

Vehicle Policies

All vehicles on university property are subject to applicable state and university laws, ordinances, regulations, and posted signs. All vehicles must be currently registered and in a condition to be driven. Abandoned vehicles may be impounded. It is the leaseholder’s responsibility to know and follow all parking regulations. Failure to abide by all parking regulations may result in parking citations, fines, revocation of parking permits, a referral to Student Judicial Affairs, and/or termination of your lease.

  • Driving motorized vehicles within the complex is strictly prohibited due to the numerous small children in the community.
  • Major car repairs are not permitted on Student Housing property. Oil changes are permitted as long as Solano Park guidelines are followed; these guidelines are available at the Solano Park office.
  • Car washing is not allowed.
  • Bicyclists are asked to maintain a 5 mph speed limit within the Solano Park complex because small children are often playing outdoors in the complex. All bicycles must be licensed or they may be impounded; bicycles can be registered at the Transportation & Parking Services department. (752‑TAPS) Bicycle repairs and maintenance may not be performed within apartments or public spaces since grease, oil and solvents can damage surfaces — you are financially responsible for damage caused by your bike in your apartment. We recommend doing bicycle repairs at The Bike Barn on campus.

Parking Policies

Bicycle Parking

Located around each building are bike racks/wells for bicycle parking. Bicycles must be stored safely in designated bike racks, inside your apartment, or on your balcony/patio; they must not obstruct passageways, walkways, stairwells, or landings. At no time are bicycles to be parked in walkways, stairwells, or other public spaces. Bikes must maintain a 5 mph speed limit at all times upon the sidewalks inside the complex. We highly recommend locking your bicycles and trailers with a U‑lock. Bikes and bike trailers should be parked in bike racks whenever possible, but may also be parked on patios or balconies as long as they do not block access or egress.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles do not require a permit to park within Solano Park. In Solano Park, motorcycles may be parked only in designated bicycle parking areas and bike wells. Motorcycles may not be parked on patios, breezeways or under stairwells and may not be operated anywhere except on the streets surrounding Solano Park.

Automobile Parking

Residents can purchase one parking permit for their primary vehicle. One secondary permit may be purchased at the Solano Park office, and both vehicles must park according to park guidelines. Parking decals must be returned when you move out of your apartment, and replacement decals can be purchased for $10. Recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, and jet skis are not permitted on the property. All vehicles must be parked in marked parking spaces only; parking in the dirt or landscaped areas may result in citations. Vehicles should be used regularly and adhere to California laws for operation. Solano Park residents are not eligible to purchase campus parking permits (A, C, L, etc.).

Car Alarms

In the interest of a peaceful community, audible car alarms that are frequently falsely triggered are not allowed in Solano Park. If an alarm frequently activates during quiet hours, even if it's triggered by a train, that car's parking privilege may be revoked.

Decal Placement

Decals must be affixed to the exterior of the rear window on the driver’s side or to the rear bumper of the vehicle. Interior application is not acceptable. Please follow instructions on the back of the decal to ensure proper application.

Visitor Parking

Visitor vehicles are permitted in Visitor spaces for a maximum of two days within a one week period (a “day” is considered any length of time within a 24‑hour period). Vehicles must clearly display from the rear view mirror a valid Visitor parking permit issued to each resident upon move in. If your visitor needs to park for more than two days, you may purchase a temporary parking permit at the Solano Park office. You are responsible for informing your visitors about the parking regulations. You and your guests are responsible for all regulations and information contained in the Parking Operations brochure

Solano Park visitor vehicles are permitted only in areas designated Visitor or S‑2. A “visitor” may not conduct university business, e.g. attending class, working or visiting a department while using your visitor parking permit. You are responsible for your visitors’ observance of the parking regulations. Please contact the Solano Park office if your visitor parking permit is lost or stolen, or you need additional visitor parking permits.

Parking Citations

Resident Assistants patrol the parking lots and issue warning notices of illegal parking to vehicles in violation of these regulations. Once a warning notice is issued, UC Davis TAPS or the UC Davis Police Department will be called immediately to issue a parking citation. If you receive a parking citation and wish to contest the ticket, please follow the appeals process described on the back of the citation.

Selling Your Vehicle or Terminating Residency

When you sell your vehicle or move out of Solano Park, you must notify the Solano Park office to request a refund.

If you replace your primary vehicle, you must notify the Solano Park office before we can issue you a new decal (a replacement fee will be charged). If you sell your secondary vehicle, bring the decal to the park office — you may be eligible for a partial refund as late as August 31.

Vehicle Repairs

If your vehicle needs repairs that can be completed within one week, you may repair it in the parking lot provided it does not create a safety hazard. Please do not leave the vehicle unattended while up on a jack, blocks, or other supports.

Dumping oil into the soil, garbage dumpster, concrete, street or drain is prohibited under California Health & Safety Code section 25191. You must discard used oil at the Davis Waste Removal facility [2727 Second St., 756‑4646]; waste oil disposal is available 24 hours a day without charge.

Solano Park Permits

The following parking regulations are intended to preserve parking spaces for Solano Park residents and their visitors. Solano Park decals (S 1, S 1 Reserved , S 2) and visitor parking permits are valid only in the Solano Park area, as designated on the decal/permit. Solano parking decals and visitor permits are not valid for use in any other UC Davis campus parking lots.

One S-1 decal per apartment is issued annually for a fee for your primary vehicle. Decals are not transferable to another vehicle or individual. Residents with a second vehicle are required to purchase an S 2 permit from the Solano Park office; the permit is for the period extending 1 October through 30 September, and may be prorated according to the month of purchase until 31 August.

“S1 Reserved” spots are only for vehicles with “S1 Reserved” permits. “S1 Reserved” are the only marked parking spaces. Every other parking spot is unmarked and allows S1, S2, and Visitors Permits to park in any open spot that is not marked “S1 Reserved”.

The 15‑Minute Zone

The 15‑minute zone in front of the Solano Park office is needed for people with business at the office, repair vehicles and university personnel. Please do not park in these spaces for extended periods of time, or you will be subject to citations.