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SHA Frequently Asked Questions

2018-2019 Academic Year

Apartment Information

How are the apartments furnished?

SHA apartments come fully furnished. Large kitchen appliances such as a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are also included. Students must bring their own personal items such as bedding (pillow, sheets, mattress pad, bedspread), towels, dishes, etc.

Adobe, Arlington Farm, Colleges, Lexington and Primero Grove: The bedrooms include an extra-long twin bed and mattress, desk and chair, dresser, desktop bookshelf, desk lamp and waste containers for each student. In addition, the living room is furnished with a couch, chair(s), and coffee table, and the dining room has either a dining room table and chairs or stools for kitchen counter.

The Ramble at West Village: The bedrooms include an extra-long full bed and mattress, desk and chair, dresser, nightstand. In addition, the living room is furnished with a couch, coffee table, 43-inch flat screen TV and TV console, and the kitchen/dining room has a dining table and chairs plus barstools. NOTE: 3 bedroom double rooms have a regular size full bed. Please review your bed size in your assignment to confirm the size of your assigned bed.

Are utilities included?

Utilities such as electricity, garbage, water, gas and internet are included. Cable is not included (exception: some cable tv channels are provided at Primero Grove).

Do students have control over the temperature of their rooms?

Each apartment has its own thermostat, which allows students to adjust the temperature in their living space.

What are the bathrooms like?

In SHA, a student may share a bathroom with up to three roommates depending on the floor plan and apartment complex. All bathrooms include a shower.

What to bring and what not to bring to Student Housing Apartments

The lists of what to bring and what not to bring can be found at

What type of cleaning service is provided?

SHA residents are responsible for cleaning their own space. Roommates should have a conversation about who is bringing what and possibly set up a cleaning schedule for the apartment.

What if I want to move my furniture?

Students are welcome to rearrange their furniture to fit their preferences (students should be sure to work with all apartment-mates on furniture arrangements to make sure the arrangement works for everyone). NOTE: Furniture must be returned to its original location before moving out at the end of the year.

Will the Student Housing Apartments (SHA) be closed during academic breaks?

Student Housing Apartments are open during all academic breaks. During both winter and spring breaks, the dining commons are closed; no meals are served during these breaks. Closure dates are listed at

Is it possible to tour SHA prior to moving in?

Tours are available on Decision Day only. Student Housing does not facilitate any other tours of the Student Housing Apartments. Floor plans, photos and site-specific information are available for each apartment complex at

Can students switch apartments before move-in?

Maybe. Students can switch apartments during the room selection process described above until the process is closed. After assignments are announced, students can submit a room transfer request through August 31. Depending on available space, Student Housing and Dining Services will try to honor all transfer requests and will notify students if their requests can be accommodated.

Can students be guaranteed a single room? How much is a single room?

Students select their own rooms, so they can choose a single-occupancy room if one is available. However, options are limited to the spaces that are available at that time. Student Housing and Dining Services cannot guarantee that all students who want a single-occupancy bedroom will get one.

If a student has a special need requiring a single room, they can complete and submit a Special Accommodations form, available at, for consideration. Every effort will be made to accommodate any medical concerns.

Students can refer to the SHA fee schedule for specific room rate information.

Are there laundry facilities in SHA? What is the cost?

Yes, there are laundry facilities on-site at each SHA complex. The cost varies at each location.

What is Welcome Week?

Fall Welcome Week is the campus' and Student Housing and Dining Services’ way to welcome new students and welcome back returning students. SHA residents can attend several programs during this time, including movie nights, karaoke, scavenger hunts, academic support programs, the Fall Welcome Rally, the Student Housing and Dining Services Resource Fair, ice cream socials and tours of the Computer Centers, campus library and Academic Advising Centers. All activities are geared toward helping students meet others, learn about the campus and how to start out on the right foot academically as well as transition to being a member of the campus community. Students may visit for more information about campus events.

Academic Programs

What academic support services are available to Student Housing Apartments residents?

Student Housing Apartments residents have access to a variety of academic support programs offered in each of the residence hall areas. SHA Residents can use the Residential Academic Advising Centers, meet with peer advisors and attend programs throughout the year that are geared toward helping students transition to and succeed at UC Davis.

Academic advising and support services include peer academic advising and tutoring. Tutoring is offered in common first year courses such as math, chemistry, and writing (visit for a complete tutoring schedule).

For a complete list of locations and hours of operation, please visit

Are there themed living areas?

The Student Housing Apartments do not offer themed living areas for transfer students at this time.

Residential Education & Services

Is there staff available to assist students?

Absolutely! Students will have an undergraduate community assistant (CA) who is trained to assist students with their transition into college and to develop community within the Student Housing Apartments. Student Housing and Dining Services also offers professional staff that supervises the CAs and specializes in student and community development. All Student Housing and Dining Services staff members are available to assist students with questions, problems or academic needs. They are networked with departments that play a key role in student success. Whether the concern is homesickness, questions about academic schedules or how to get involved on campus, staff members are available to assist.

How will students get to know others in the Student Housing Apartments?

Students have many opportunities to get to know others in the Student Housing Apartments. Residents are required to attend a community meeting before classes begin to learn about apartment policies. In addition, CAs will talk about Fall Welcome Week activities and upcoming social opportunities. All SHA residents are invited to attend social and academic support programs that the CAs host throughout the year, these programs and Fall Welcome Week is a great way to create connections and develop relationships with other students who live in the Student Housing Apartments.

What if a student is having a roommate conflict after move-in?

While we hope that each student will have a wonderful experience living in the Student Housing Apartments, sometimes roommate issues become problematic. During check-in, students will be given a Roommate Agreement form that helps residents discuss what behaviors are acceptable. It is hoped that problems can be avoided by open and honest communication. Roommates sign the form acknowledging what they have agreed to in the discussion.

If students experience a roommate conflict, Student Housing and Dining Services recommends that family members ask their students to talk with their roommates. Encourage students to do this first and then seek the assistance of the CA. It is helpful if family members listen, support and encourage students to solve the issue. As much as family members may want to get involved, Student Housing and Dining Services recommends that family members advocate for students to take the lead. In addition, students can meet with the coordinator of apartment living, who also may be helpful in resolving the conflict. There are always multiple perspectives in these situations and staff need to hear all sides involved.

Living in SHA

Are there housing options related to gender?

Student Housing Apartments are gender-specific or co-ed within co-ed apartment complexes. For information related to transgender and gender non-conforming housing assignments, please contact Student Housing and Dining Services at 530-752-2033.

What is co-ed housing?

Co-ed housing allows students to choose a housing environment that removes the restraints that come with housing assignments based solely on gender assigned at birth.

Is there a convenient and safe way to get from campus to the Student Housing Apartments at night?

The UC Davis Police Department's Aggie Host security service provides car rides and walking escorts to students, faculty and staff as an alternative to walking alone. The service operates on campus and the nearby Student Housing Apartments and is free of charge. The hours of operation are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., seven days a week, excluding major holidays and summer sessions. Students may call the UC Davis Police Department at 530-752-1727 to request an escort. Visit for more information.

The Unitrans bus is also a great way to get from campus to the Student Housing Apartments. The hours of operation vary by day. Visit for more information.

What is the best way to get around campus and the city of Davis?

Bicycling is the fastest and most popular way for students to get around campus and the city of Davis. The UC Davis campus bike shop, the Bike Barn, offers the Aggie Bike Buy program for incoming students. The program allows students to customize a Giant bicycle online, complete with a four-year service plan, safety accessories and cycling gear. Students and their families can pick up their fully loaded bicycles the day they move in.

Student Housing and Dining Services recommends this program because many students on campus ride low-end bicycles from department stores. These bikes are poorly assembled, and in the first year of use, the bike can end up costing the owner more money in repairs than the original price. The Bike Barn promises high-quality bikes that are durable, safe and affordable. The pick-up procedure also relieves the hassle of having to transport a bike to Davis at move-in. Visit for more information.

How do students register their bikes?

All bikes on the UC Davis campus must have a current California bicycle license. A new license costs $12 and a renewal is $6. Both are valid until December 31 of the second year following the year of registration. Bike licenses are available at the Transportation Services office, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Most new students license their bicycles during Fall Welcome Week. On Monday through Friday of Welcome Week, licenses will only be available outside and in front of the Transportation Services building. View for additional information.

How is Student Housing and Dining Services integrating sustainable practices into its operations?

Student Housing and Dining Services are committed to developing sustainable practices and educating the campus community about sustainability. More information can be found at

SHA Room Selection and Roommates

Do students get to pick which SHA complex they live in?

Yes. During the summer, students will be able to select the SHA complex and room through the Room Selection process. Students that have completed their application by the required deadlines will have an opportunity to also search for roommates and form roommate groups.

Student Housing and Dining Services will notify SHA applicants when Room Selection will begin and end. Each student will be randomly assigned a room selection timeslot for access to select their desired space. Students will have an opportunity to preview the room selection process prior to their room selection timeslot. SHA locations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is encouraged that students have multiple complexes and rooms they are interested in for the most housing options.

Students who do not select a room during room selection will be randomly assigned to a room in an SHA apartment.

Students who do not receive an apartment where they want to live may request a transfer during the appropriate dates published in the Student Housing Apartments calendar.

How does Student Housing and Dining Services select roommates and when do students get these results?

Student Housing and Dining Services gives SHA students the opportunity to form their own roommate groups. Once a student completes their housing application on time, they can search for roommates and form roommate groups. Students then participate in room selection for selecting their room/apartment.

SHA applicants can coordinate what apartment and room they want to live in during the room selection process, so long as there are apartments available with enough remaining rooms for all roommates. Each applicant selects their own room, so would-be roommates should plan on each selecting their own room in the same apartment. The roommate group leader can also select a room for someone in their roommate group. SHA applicants should determine their roommate plans before the room selection process begins to increase their chances of everyone being able to select a room in the same apartment. Roommate groups will have the same room selection timeslot so they are able to coordinate more easily.

Student Housing and Dining Services does not coordinate roommate selection (beyond randomly assigning students to rooms who did not select their own rooms). However, Student Housing and Dining Services is providing access to roommate matching through the Student Housing and Dining Services portal.

Can friends room together? How?

Yes, friends can room together. You can form roommate groups with individuals of the same gender identity, or individuals who have chosen the co-ed housing option. You will only be able to send invitations to students who identify as the same gender as you. If you have chosen co-ed housing, you can form roommate groups with other people that have also selected co-ed housing. Please contact Student Housing and Dining Services at 530-752-2033 for additional information.

Dining on Campus

Is it necessary to have a meal plan when living in SHA?

No. Several dining commons meal plans are available to all SHA students as part of the SHA contract, but they are optional because SHA students have access to a kitchen in their apartment. SHA students will have the opportunity to select a meal plan as part of the application process. Information about SHA meal plan options can be found at

Who do students talk to regarding dietary needs and meals in the dining commons?

Dining commons offer a variety of meal options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. Students wishing for special dietary menus should complete and submit a Special Accommodations form, available at

How do students know if they have the right meal plan?

Choosing the right meal plan really depends on personal eating and cooking habits. A few questions students can ask are, "Will I be cooking on a regular basis in my apartment?", and "If I am on campus for class during the day, do I plan go back to my apartment for lunch or do I want the convenience of eating on campus?"

Are there other meal plan options available to students?

Yes, students may purchase a voluntary meal plan directly from the Student Housing and Dining Services meal card office located on the 3rd floor of Segundo Services Center.

Information about Voluntary Meal Plans can be found at

May students change their meal plan during the year?

Yes, meal plan changes can be made online through the Student Housing and Dining Services portal or in person at the Student Housing and Dining Services office. Students may change their meal plans only during specific meal change periods each quarter. Students may refer to the Student Housing and Dining Services calendar for specific meal change period dates. Only students can change their meal plans; family members cannot make any changes.

What is Aggie Cash?

Aggie Cash is a declining balance (debit) account students, faculty and staff use to purchase food and beverages at UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services locations on campus, such as the markets, Silo eateries and Coffee House. Aggie Cash comes automatically with each meal plan and adds $200 of Aggie Cash per quarter.

Aggie Cash holders make purchases using their AggieCard photo ID, similar to using a bank debit card. Aggie Cash makes dining outside the dining commons cash free and convenient. Transactions are deducted from the Aggie Cash account. Additional Aggie Cash may be added during the year. Visit the Aggie Cash webpage for more information.

Computing Services

Where do students go to learn about computer information, services and support?

The Residential Computer Support (RCS) program and website is a great place to start. The RCS program encompasses the Residence Hall Computer Centers, online HelpDesk, direct support services provided by our student residential computing advisors (RCAs) and online information, instructions and links to campus computing resources. Please visit the Residential Computing website at

Can students bring their computers?

Yes, students are expected to bring a computer. Information regarding computer recommendations and internet access can be found on the Residential Computing website. If students do not have a computer, Computer Centers located in Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto provide computers running a Windows operating system for resident use.

Will students have an Internet connection?

Yes, all residents have access to a wireless internet connection in their apartment. At The Colleges at La Rue, students will need to provide their own wireless router.

What is safe and appropriate computing?

Safe computing means taking appropriate steps to secure and maintain a computer and avoiding practices that make a computer vulnerable to virus infection and hackers. Student Housing and Dining Services recommends the following: Configure your Windows or Mac system to automatically update itself with current critical software patches, avoid peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications, turn off file sharing, configure and use your built-in firewall and install anti-virus software. If you need any help with these items, one of our RCAs would be glad to assist.

Does the university insure against theft?

The university does not provide theft insurance for residents. Student Housing and Dining Services recommends that students verify that they are covered by either homeowner's or renter's insurance. Student Housing and Dining Services provides some resources online:

Telephones and Television

Will students have a telephone in their rooms?

Most SHA students opt to use a mobile phone throughout the year. Residents who want a landline will need to contact a local service provider and set up the phone service on their own at their own expense.

Is cable television provided?

No. Residents who want cable television will need to contact a local service provider and set up cable service on their own at their own expense.

Rules & Regulations

What if a student violates a Student Housing Apartments policy such as noise or alcohol?

The Student Housing Apartments contract is a legally binding document that includes both rights and responsibilities for a student. It is very important to understand the conditions of the contract, one of which is following all state, federal, university and housing policies. SHA policies are incorporated within the contract and specifically given to students in the Guide to Student Housing Apartments at

If a student is documented for a policy violation, they will usually meet with a staff member to discuss the policy and situation that was occurring at the time. Serious or repeated violations may result in a student's housing contract being terminated or other disciplinary sanctions, such as suspension or dismissal from the university.

What happens if a student violates copyright law?

The recording and music industries are particularly active in enforcing digital copyright laws and college campuses receive much of their attention. Sharing copyright-protected files online is illegal. This typically involves the distribution and receipt of copyright protected materials and such behavior violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The university cooperates with outside agencies to enforce copyright laws and the response to violations includes shutting off the offending port.

Can residents have overnight guests?

Residents may have occasional overnight and weekend guests without notice to or consent of the university; however, students must have discussed this with their roommate(s) and received approval prior to the guests' arrival. Residents may not have an overnight guest more than seven (7) cumulative nights per academic quarter. Guests are expected to abide by university and Student Housing and Dining Services regulations and residents are responsible for their guest's actions and behavior. Should guests violate any rules or regulations outlined in the SHA contract or engage in behavior detrimental to the welfare of the community, they may be required to leave and disciplinary action could be taken against the resident.

Can students bring a car and is parking available?

Adobe, Arlington Farm, and Lexington, Primero Grove, The Colleges: Parking is available to SHA students at their apartment complex at no additional cost. Parking may be limited at certain properties, and in the winter and spring quarters for students who did not obtain a parking permit in the fall. Students who wish to park on campus will need to purchase a parking permit from Transportation Services. Note: those students who live at The Colleges and Primero Grove are not eligible to buy a parking permit through Transportation Services. Visit for more information.

The Ramble at West Village: Parking is available at a cost. Contact West Village management for parking information.

Are pets allowed in Student Housing Apartments?

Pets and other animals are not permitted in SHA. The only exception is fish in an aquarium that does not exceed 10 gallons. Aquarium requests must be approved by the coordinator of Apartment Living and must have the approval of all roommates prior to set up. Requests may be emailed to

Housing Payments & Financial Questions

How are students billed for housing fees?

Student Housing does not send out billing invoices or statements. Payments are due in accordance with the Student Housing Apartments fee schedule without demand or billing. Payments must be submitted with a payment coupon by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Quarter – September 15
  • Winter Quarter – December 15
  • Spring Quarter – March 15

The Student Housing Apartments fee schedule may be viewed online at Three quarterly payment coupons and a Student Housing Apartments fee schedule will be mailed to students' permanent home or current mailing address in mid-to late-August.

When do students need a housing coupon?

Students should include a housing coupon whenever they make a payment to the Cashier’s Office, either in person or by mail. This will ensure that the student’s money is correctly applied to their housing fees instead of other university charges, such as tuition and Orientation fees. A coupon is not necessary when students are paying their entire bill.

Students who pay with MyBill cannot use a housing coupon or otherwise specify their payment as a housing payment. Therefore, the payment could be applied to other university charges, such as from a previous quarter or unpaid tuition fees.

Where do students make housing payments?

Payments may be made in person at the Cashier's Office, 1200 Dutton Hall, Monday–Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or mailed to:

Cashier's Office
University of California Davis
P.O. Box 989062
West Sacramento, California

Make checks payable to UC Regents and write the student ID number on the check. Payments may also be made online via

How much does it cost to live in Student Housing Apartments?

Various meal plan and room occupancy pairings determine the cost of living in SHA for each individual. Please refer to the Student Housing Apartments fee schedule for specific room rate information:

Will the student's financial aid pay all of the housing costs?

The amount of financial aid a student receives may not always cover all of their housing costs each quarter. Students can check their Student Housing and Dining Services account balance online through to see if their financial aid paid the full amount due. If not, students will need to pay any balance due according to the Student Housing Apartments fee schedule.

Can students cancel their contracts during the academic year?

According to conditions of the SHA contract, a student may terminate the contract for one of the following:

  • Graduation
  • Transfer
  • Dismissal
  • Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)
  • Withdrawal from the university
  • Denied admission to UC Davis
  • Failure to register or cancellation of registration
  • Marriage during the term of the contract

If students wish to be released from their housing contract for reasons other than the listed reasons, they must submit a formal written statement requesting a contract release. Please review the contract cancellation policies and procedures for more details.

What if students need more time to pay housing fees?

If students are unable to pay their housing fees by the quarterly due dates, they must contact the Residential Student Accounts office in Student Housing and Dining Services at 530-752-2481 before their payment deadline date. Failure to do so will result in a late fee.

Additional Information and Resources

This is great, but… I still have questions!

Please refer to the prospective residents pages for additional information, including the "Ask Me!" database, which includes more in-depth answers to frequently asked questions. You may also contact us by e-mail at, by phone (530-752-2033) or in person. If you contact us by e-mail, you should hear from us in 24 hours or less.


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