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Graphic: A Housing Areas webpage

The Tri-Cooperatives

Photo: A Baggins End dome Photo: Pierce Cooperative, as seen from the front; a large bay window features prominently in the design Photo: Agrarian Effort, viewed from the front (north-west side) of the house

The Tri-Cooperatives (more commonly known as the Tri-Coops) are an on-campus student housing association providing affordable, cooperative housing to low-income students as well as students seeking housing that fosters educational and personal growth as instrumental components of safe and comfortable living. The community is comprised of three houses: Davis Student Co-op (DSC), Pierce, and Agrarian Effort (Ag), which regularly house 12-14 students during the academic year. The houses operate by consensus and collective action as independent entities as well as a community. The Tri-Cooperatives are part of Solar Community Housing Association.


Continuing undergraduate, graduate and professional students may apply for housing at the Tri-Cooperatives. Space is limited.

Additional Information and Applications

For additional information or to apply for housing, contact the Tri-Cooperatives directly: