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Graphic: A Housing Areas webpage

The Tri-Cooperatives

Photo: A Baggins End dome Photo: Pierce Cooperative, as seen from the front; a large bay window features prominently in the design Photo: Agrarian Effort, viewed from the front (north-west side) of the house

Cooperatives are small, student-operated living communities which are self-reliant, giving their residents the opportunity to manage the health and welfare of the community while nurturing responsibility and sustainable living.

The Tri-Cooperatives are one community, comprised of three craftsman-style houses on campus that place emphasis on low-impact living. Approximately ten to twelve residents occupy each house. The Tri-Coops give students the opportunity to experience communal living, gardening, and consensus based decision making. The Tri-Coop community as a whole emphasizes community, cooperation, and responsibility.

The Tri-Coops include Davis Student Co-op (also known as DSC), Pierce Coop, and Agrarian Effort (also known as Ag). When applying to the Tri-Cooperatives, you can request a certain house, however house assignment is based on availability.

Apply for the Tri-Cooperatives

Refer to the Application Process for the Tri-Cooperatives to learn how to apply for any of the Tri-Cooperatives.

Tri-Cooperatives Map

View a site map of the Tri-Cooperatives here.

Additional Photographs

View more photographs of the Tri-Cooperatives.