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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Parents and Families of Student Housing Residents

Student Housing produces a "Parents and Families Guide" (pdf) each year to assist the families of new UC Davis students who live in UC Davis Student Housing. The guide focuses primarily on residence hall students, but provides ideas and insight that may be helpful for the families of any student who is transitioning into the UC Davis family.

To learn more about how to help one's student succeed academically, socially, or emotionally in the challenging, fast-paced environment found at UC Davis, please call or email the Student Housing department (530-752-2033,

How To Help Your Student Transition

Student Housing Services

Student Responsibility

Student Well-Being

Important Calendars

Graphic: Office of the Registrar Academic Calendar Graphic: Student Housing Calendar of Important Dates

Campus Resources for Parents & Families

Refer to the following websites for resources that can be helpful to families of UC Davis students:

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Housing maintains a list of frequently asked questions in an online database. That database, AskMe!, is available through the Student Housing website. To learn about AskMe! and to browse its questions, visit the AskMe! webpage.