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Student Housing Apartments General Information

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Eligible students may elect to live in Student Housing Apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently-asked questions on the SHA FAQ webpage.

What Are Student Housing Apartments?

Student Housing leases space from privately owned and operated apartment complexes to increase the overall housing spaces available through Student Housing, as well as to support the guaranteed housing program for incoming student populations. These leased spaces make up the Student Housing program called Student Housing Apartments (SHA).

What Is The SHA Student Experience?

Student Housing Apartments have dedicated live-in support staff available to help connect students with various campus resources as well as build community through planned social programs. For example, the staff coordinate inter-mural sports teams, produce a monthly newsletter, host a campus resources scavenger hunt, meet with every apartment to discuss living agreements, and help mediate conversations when issues do arise. They also coordinate a variety of on-going social and informational programs to help students feel supported and included in their communities. By partnering with the apartment complexes, Student Housing Apartments offer a unique experience that combines the "off-campus" independence transfer students and returning residents want with the academic and transitional support incoming students need to be successful at a research university.

What Are The Apartments Like?


The size and layout of each apartment varies. Each apartment features single- and double-occupancy bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a full kitchen, 1-4 bathrooms, and closet space. Studios are similar to 1 bedroom apartments except the bedroom and living room spaces are combined.


All apartments (except West Village) are fully furnished: they include an extra-long twin bed and mattress, desk and chair, dresser, desktop bookshelf, desk lamp, and waste containers in each bedroom. In addition, the living room is furnished with a couch, chair, and coffee table, and the dining room has a dining room table and chairs. Note: SHA studios receive limited living room furniture due to the smaller size of the living room (the bedroom and living room occupy the same space).

West Village apartments are fully furnished: they include a dining table with four chairs, four stools, sectional sofa, coffee table, media stand, television, end table, full/double mattress, full/double bed frame, drawers, desk, and chair.

SHA Features

  • Single- and double-occupancy bedrooms
  • Furnished studio, 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments
  • Utilities included (Cable TV is not included)
  • Access to Student Housing resources including Academic Advising Centers, Computer Centers, and Professional Staff

Benefits of the SHA Program

  • Access to Student Housing resources including Academic Advising Centers, Computer Centers, and Professional Staff
  • Social networking opportunities with other transfer students/returning residents who can relate to the transitional process

Apartment Amenities

  • Community Room
  • Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • On-Site Parking
  • Near Unitrans bus routes
  • Easily access campus via bike paths

The Apartment Communities

Learn about the SHA communities on the Student Housing Apartments webpage.

How SHA Works


Students who accept an offer to live in Student Housing Apartments will be assigned to a "space" (see "Selecting Apartments" below), which refers to a single-occupancy bedroom or single bed in a double-occupancy bedroom in an apartment, or a single-occupancy studio; each apartment will be either one, two, three or four bedrooms and house between two and six students, and each studio will house either one or two students. SHA apartments will house Student Housing first-year transfer students and returning residents; transfer students will not be paired with non-student residents.

Selecting Apartments

SHA applicants will select their own space ("room selection") in an apartment as part of the SHA Application process. Room-selection is assigned based on a randomly assigned time slot. Availability of specific properties and units is not guaranteed. Applicants who do not select an apartment during room-selection will be randomly assigned to a space.

The room-selection process begins after all Housing Application deadlines pass. Dates will be provided; log back into the Housing Application and read the daily announcements for more information.

Selecting Roommates

SHA defines roommates as all of the residents sharing an apartment, including students that share a double-occupancy bedroom within an apartment.

SHA applicants have the opportunity to select their own roommate(s) as a part of the “roommate groups” page of the Housing Application and during the "room-selection" process. Applicants will be able to search for other SHA roommates through their application based on a number of different search criteria. Applicants can then create and join roommate groups. When forming roommate groups, one member of each group will be designated as the group leader. Each applicant can choose their own room during the "room selection" process or the group leader can select a space for members of the formed roommate group. Roommate groups should coordinate which room and apartment they select with their roommate group in order for everyone to select the same location. Roommate groups formed in the application will be assigned the same room selection timeslot; however, selecting an apartment with all preferred roommates is not guaranteed.

Advantages of Living in Student Housing Apartments

A primary advantage of selecting to live in Student Housing Apartments is that they are an excellent solution to a historically competitive Davis apartment market. Davis apartments tend to have low vacancy rates. Additionally, continuing students traditionally begin their search for next year's apartment in February, leaving far fewer apartments available to students who begin their search in the summer.

Other advantages:

  • Great solution for finding an apartment in a competitive apartment community
  • Best of both worlds: live in a regular Davis community apartment but still have access to all residence hall resources
  • Support for students as they transition to the university
  • Master's level professional staff available to assist with a variety of topics
  • Academic support through Student Housing Academic Advising Centers
  • Choice of having a dining commons meal plan (with the convenient 'Aggie Cash' declining debit account) or not having a meal plan (in contrast, residence hall contracts include a meal plan)
  • Access to on-campus Student Housing computer centers
  • All apartments feature high speed Internet access
  • All utilities are included

Additional Information


Student Housing does not facilitate tours of the Student Housing Apartments; please visit the apartments' websites for more information.


Refer to the Student Housing Parking Regulations webpage for information.

Contract Duration

  • 2018-2019: Contracts are from September 22, 2018 through August 5, 2019
  • 2017-2018: Contracts are from September 23, 2017 through August 6, 2018

Review the Student Housing calendar, and/or review or download the 2018-2019 SHA calendar (pdf) or 2017-2018 SHA calendar (pdf) for more information. Contracts are non-renewable.


For more information, contact Student Housing at or 530-752-2033.