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Section 10: Mail Service

The following pages illustrate how you should have your friends and family address mail to you. The US Postal service uses automatic sorters. Your mail will be processed faster by the US Postal Service if addresses are 1) printed in capital letters and 2) punctuation marks are not used within the address. In Regan, Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto, US mail is delivered Monday through Saturday to your mailbox. Campus mail is delivered Monday through Friday. Mail is delivered daily (delivery times will be posted). Because mail clerks are full-time students, mail delivery times will vary depending on class schedules, but you can expect it by 5pm. Packages can be picked up at your area service desk. Mailboxes are assigned based on room location and resident may only access their assigned mailboxes. Tampering with or otherwise accessing mailboxes without authorization is a federal crime and a violation of Student Housing policy.

A. Mailing Addresses

Visit the Residence Hall Mailing Address webpage for the address for each residence hall.