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Commitment to Sustainability

UC Davis Student Housing

The University of California’s “Policy on Sustainable Practices” provides a strong framework, leadership and empowerment for the continued development of sustainable practices. The definition of sustainability is: “to meet the current population’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs,” Brundtland Commission (1987). Student Housing at UC Davis is dedicated to this effort and strives to be a model program for the integration of sustainable practices. We are committed to developing and maintaining healthful educational living and working environments while fully integrating sustainable practices.

The guiding principles for this effort are:

  • Institutionalize sustainable practices such as: energy efficiencies, use of renewable resources, reduction of energy use, use of recycled and recyclable products, reduction of water use, waste reduction and more
  • Use the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system as a guide for new construction projects, renovation projects and on-going maintenance of facilities
  • Educate residents and staff through presentations, work group involvement, focus groups and the development of living learning environments
  • Collaborate with campus organizations such as Utilities, Solid Waste, R4 and the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Integrate sustainability into departmental business practices and long term planning
  • Model sustainable practices to residents and staff



  • Student Housing events are becoming zero waste events
  • Continue to develop the Positive Impact educational program
  • Actively maintain the Student Housing Sustainability website
  • Educate all current staff and new staff on the topic of sustainability
  • Integrate sustainability wording and behavioral expectations into all position descriptions
  • Create and fund a full-time Sustainability Coordinator position
  • Retrofit plumbing fixtures within Student Housing facilities to reduce water usage
  • Evaluate and develop a lighting retrofit plan for all Student Housing facilities
  • Integrate green cleaning supplies into the daily custodial operation
  • Integrate local renewable energy sources into existing facilities
  • Obtain LEED NC certification for all new construction projects
  • Obtain LEED CI certification for all major renovation projects
  • Obtain LEED EB certifications for Webster, Emerson and Thoreau residence halls
  • Develop and implement a 5 year facility assessment cycle
  • Achieve zero waste at all dining facilities by 2020
  • Achieve zero waste related to all Student Housing administrative space/operations by 2020
  • Achieve zero waste related to all residence hall student waste by 2020
  • Support University of California green house gas reduction goals


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