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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Positive Impact

Logo: simply committed...

Positive Impact provides sustainability programs and resources to students living in the Residence Halls. The program employs three Sustainability Interns and a small group of Resident Advisors that have sustainability education as their specialty assignment.

Photograph of sustainability interns and professional staff; from left: Maricela, Richard, Patrice, Ben, Kelly

Intern Photos and Bios

Photo: Ben Molinari

Name: Ben Molinari
Position: Sustainability Intern - Segundo
Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Interests in Sustainability Issues: Reducing our national dependence on foreign oil, inexpensive and efficient solar panels (third-generation), biodiesel, composting

Sustainability-related activities: Thrift store shopping, composting, CRV recycling

Club Affiliations: Member-Student Sustainability Coalition, Member- UC Davis Biodiesel group, Member-CalPIRG Global Warming Solutions group

Contact Information:

Fun Fact: I love riding my tandem bike around campus and picking up anyone who needs a ride. I can play and own the Australian Aboriginal instrument called the Didgeridoo.

Photo: Maricela Salazar

Name: Maricela Salazar
Position: Sustainability Intern - Tercero
Major: Community and Regional Development & Psychology

Interests in Sustainability Issues: There's so much! Top of my list are issues dealing with sustainable business practices. I'm also very interested in biomimetics, education and innovative ways of thinking to clean up our world.

Sustainability-related activities: Recycling, biking, reusable water bottle,turning off the light-- simple things that make a difference when we do them together.

Club Affiliations: The California Student Sustainability Coalition, Center for Leadership Learning, Rotaract Club

Contact Information:

Fun Fact: When I was little my mom told me that mustard was baby poop and I totally believed her! For the longest time I wouldn't even come close to it. The thought always stayed with me and to this day I can't have a lot of mustard.

Photo: Kelly Matheson

Name: Kelly Matheson
Position: Sustainability Intern - Cuarto
Major: Landscape Architecture

Interests in Sustainability Issues: Transit oriented development, xeriscaping (drought-tolerant landscaping), mixed land use, healthy cities and down towns, and showing you don't need a big lawn to have a beautiful yard!

Sustainability-related activities: Graphics Chair of UCD's chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects, interned with Project Compost, spent the 2011 summer abroad in "Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe," shopping at the thrift store and Davis Farmer's Market

Club Affiliations: ASLA

Contact Information:

Fun Fact: I like to watch "Untamed and Uncut" on Animal Planet. And before I saw Davis, I wanted to go to a school near the beach.