COVID-19 Information
For Student Housing and Dining Services

Please read the email we sent to you on September 8, 2022 (which is also available online), along with the FAQ information below, for important COVID-19 information.

Frequently-Asked Questions for Students Living in the Residence Halls and The Green at West Village

What do I do if I test positive?

  1. All students who test positive must report their result to the University. If you test positive using an at-home antigen test, report your result in Health-e-Messaging. Positive tests taken at UC Davis testing kiosk are automatically reported and you will be notified of your result in writing through your portal by Student Health and Counseling Services in Health-e-Messaging.
  2. The COVID Response Team in Student Housing and Dining Services is informed after your positive result is reported. Someone will reach out within 24 hours to discuss isolation protocols and answer any questions. Please note that COVID Response Team staff are available from 9:00am-6:00pm each day. If you learn of a positive result after 6:00pm, you will not be contacted until the following morning.
  3. When you learn of your positive result, please do the following:
    1. Wear a high quality face covering (i.e. double surgical mask, KN95, KF94, or N95) when around other people.
    2. Isolate-in-place by staying in your room unless you need to go to the bathroom, get food, or evacuate for a building emergency. Guests are not permitted in your room; only roommates can be in a room with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    3. Limit interactions with others as much as possible.

How do I isolate-in-place?

  1. Distance yourself from others as much as possible. When you are in your room, keep the windows open if outdoor conditions allow, and keep the room door closed.
  2. You must wear a face covering if leaving your room or the building. If leaving the building, take the stairs; you may not use the elevator even if no one else is inside. You can leave for the following reasons:
    1. To use the bathroom. If possible, avoid high-traffic times and wash your hands as soon as your enter. Always keep your mask on unless you are brushing your teeth or taking a brief shower.
    2. To pick up food at the dining commons. You cannot eat inside the dining commons and you must be masked at all times. You can eat your meal outside or in your room, but not in any indoor public space or another student's residence hall room. If others eat outside with you, you should maintain physical distance. Do not eat in high traffic areas.
    3. To use laundry facilities. If you can delay doing laundry, please do so. Otherwise use the facilities in your building only when absolutely necessary, and try to avoid peak times.
    4. To attend a medical appointment.
    5. To go outside for fresh air or a walk.
    6. If there is a building emergency.

What if my roommate tests positive?

  1. Indoor masking is no longer required, but it is highly encouraged if your roommate tests positive.
  2. If you are asymptomatic, you do not need to quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status. Instead, get tested 3-5 days after exposure, monitor your symptoms, and wear a face covering.
  3. If you develop symptoms, schedule a symptomatic testing appointment with Student Health and Counseling Services in Health-e-Messaging.
  4. If you are at high risk of severe disease, you may request a temporary move to our designated temporary spaces on campus. Medically high risk students will be provided with accommodations at no cost.


In addition, please be sure to read the information presented in the Campus Ready: COVID-19 Information for Students website.

Dining FAQs

What is the process for accessing food while isolating-in-place?

  • You will be allowed to leave your room to get food at the Dining Commons.
  • You are required to wear a mask when entering the DC.
  • Swipe in as you normally would.
  • The system should indicate that you are receiving a to-go meal.
  • If not, please tell the cashier that you need the to-go option.
  • You may not dine within the facility.
  • You may eat outside or return to your room.
  • Please be patient once you are clear to no longer isolate, the system still may indicate "to-go" for another day or so.