COVID-19 Email Communication—September 8, 2022

The following COVID-19 communication was sent to all incoming (fall 2022) residence hall students via email on September 8, 2022


Dear Student Housing and Dining Services Residents,

Since the initial shelter-in-place directives of 2020, Student Housing and Dining Services has successfully maintained a COVID-19 response program that has kept our overall positivity rates low while providing a quality housing program for our residents. We have pivoted and adjusted with each phase of the pandemic, and we are writing today to let you know about a new approach we are taking as we enter our third academic year impacted by COVID-19.

As we open the residence halls this fall, students who test positive for COVID-19 will no longer be placed in isolation housing. Rather, they will isolate in their residence hall room. The isolation-in-place strategy is one several other UC campuses will be using, and what we used with our residents at The Green last spring. One campus has already opened for the fall using this approach and has seen low transmission rates between roommates. Given the apparent success of in-room isolation at those campuses thus far, we have confidence in this adjusted strategy.

In consideration of this decision, we consulted with and have approval from campus Environmental Health and Safety, Student Health and Counseling Services, the Yolo County Department of Public Health, and campus leadership. We are at a stage in the pandemic where we need to balance the public health risk COVID-19 now poses with our ability to run our housing operation. With the vaccine and booster mandate still in effect for all students, we are in a place where residents isolating in their rooms presents a significantly reduced risk to others.

We will provide detailed information on our website as we get closer to Moove-In, but for now know that students who test positive for COVID-19 will work with the Student Housing and Dining Services COVID Response Team to get information about how to isolate and steps to take to mitigate risk to others. Mitigation measures include:

  • Wearing a high-quality face covering at all times when around others. This includes while in room if others are present, in hallways and stairwells, and in the bathroom.
  • Getting meals to go from the Dining Commons and not eating inside with other students.
  • Not attending classes, labs, work, or other events or activities.

Concerned roommates can speak with someone about relocating to a temporary space until the infectious period is over.

With the above measures in place, we are well positioned to serve our students while continuing to operate at the highest level. If you have questions about our isolation program, please don't hesitate to email us at

We look forward to meeting you next week!

Student Housing and Dining Services
University of California, Davis