General Information About The Solano Park Apartments Lease

After a housing offer is extended and the applicant accepts the offer, the applicant and Student Housing will sign a Lease Agreement (which includes the Terms and Conditions and Regulations documents) for Solano Park Apartments. The lease is legally binding, and defines the rules and terms of the tenancy. Therefore, applicants should carefully read the lease in its entirety before signing it.

A sample Lease Agreement, the Terms and Conditions, and the Regulations forms are available on the Publications & Forms webpage under "Solano Park".

Important sections of the lease include:

  • Section 7: explains the eligibility requirements
  • Section 8: explains the process used to renew leases
  • Section 9: explains procedures for termination of the lease by either party

In addition, the Conditions and Regulations outline important information about living in Solano Park Apartments. Important sections of the Conditions and Regulations include:

  • Section 4: limitation of the university’s liability for loss or damage
  • Section 5: regulations for pets • Section 12: regulations regarding patios and balconies
  • Section 17: expectations regarding noise and neighborhood disturbances
  • Section 19: the university’s rights to enter apartments
  • Section 21: procedures for vacating an apartment
  • Section 22: rules regarding operation of a business from within Solano Park Apartments

For additional information, refer to the Guide to Solano Park or contact Student Housing