Moving Out of Student Housing Apartments

Move-out instructions vary based upon whether a student is moving out at the end of their contract or during the contract. Please refer to the appropriate section below.

End of Contract Checkout—end of spring quarter or Summer Session 1

The Student Housing Apartment Contract Terms, Conditions and Regulations (pdf) states students must completely move out of their apartment no later than 4pm on Monday, August 5, 2019.

Notification of Checkout Process

Student Housing emails all residents information about check-out deadlines and cleaning guidelines. Reminder emails will be sent throughout the summer for those still living in SHA.

Checkout Process & Requirements

Please review all information regarding checking out of the Student Housing Apartments. "Checkout" refers to the entire process of cleaning your apartment, moving out, and turning in your keys, access card, and parking permit. Follow all checkout instructions to avoid charges including a $75.00 improper check out fee and $50 lock change fee for keys not returned.

  • Checkout Dates & Times:
    • Monday - Friday ONLY from 9am-4pm June 10 - August 2: At the Student Housing Office
    • Monday, August 5 from 9am-4pm: Student Housing office
    • Please plan accordingly as these are the specific times that checkouts will be processed.
  • Return all keys, access card, and parking permit (if you have one). ** Do not return your keys to your apartment complex office.** You will be billed for any keys not returned at the time of checkout.
  • Clean your apartment to avoid seeing cleaning charges on your student account. Remove and properly dispose of all trash. Please leave all internet equipment provided to you, including but not limited to the modem, cables, wireless hub, etc. in the room where they currently are. All apartments will be inspected after the contract end date. Cleaning charges will be posted to your account in the fall.
  • Take bicycles home or arrange for summer storage with TAPS
  • Close blinds/drapes and lock windows
  • Close and lock bedroom and front door
  • Once you turn in your keys to Student Housing, we will not release them to you again. You should also remember that sub-leasing your apartment space is prohibited.
  • Fill out a Change of Address form at to forward your mail to your new address.
  • We encourage everyone to take photos documenting the condition of your personal space and common areas upon moving out. We highly recommend you do this if you are moving out before August 5, 2019 and have roommates remaining in your apartment until the end of the contract.
    • You may upload your pictures and notes to this Google form:
      Note: you need to log in with your UC Davis Google account to access this form
  • Please note that "improper checkouts" will result in a $75 fee. Examples of improper checkouts include, but aren't limited to, leaving keys inside of your apartment, turning keys into the apartment complex leasing office, and failing to move out of the apartment by 4pm on August 5, 2019.

Checkout Information

Checkout Before End of Contract (during academic year)

  • Students must qualify to be released from their contract; review the cancellation process for guidelines
  • Students who are transferring or withdrawing from the university or are participating in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) must move out within one week of completing their paperwork with the Registrar's Office; students must complete their paperwork with the Registrar's Office before they can cancel their contract
  • Students must notify the Student Housing office to schedule an appointment to cancel their contract
  • Contact Student Housing with any questions

Room Vacate Instructions

  • If you are transferring to another room/apartment or moving out of the Student Housing Apartments because your contract has been cancelled, you are required to remove all of your belongings and to clean your part of the room and apartment prior to vacating; failure to clean or return keys will result in a $75 charge for an improper checkout, $50 per key not returned, and any other applicable changes such as cleaning and repairs