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Graphic: A Prospective Resident Page

Residence Hall Contract Highlights

Students must sign a contract to live in the residence halls. The contract is a legally binding document which delineates terms and conditions of the agreement between the university and the resident. For students younger than 18, both students and parents should review the terms and conditions of the contract before signing.

Important aspects of the contract include:

  • The contract is for a full academic year and includes room and board; there are no provisions for room-only accommodations in the residence halls
  • The contract is for a space in the residence halls; the university does not guarantee specific spaces, areas, halls, or rooms to residents, and reserves the right to reassign residents if necessary
  • Section 9 of the contract contains specific information and outlines requirements pertaining to contract termination and refunds; when other documentation, including online documentation, differs from the contract, the contract’s terms and conditions shall prevail
  • Residents must abide by all terms of the contract and university regulations at all times; Student Housing may terminate the contract for student misconduct or policy violations
  • Residence hall rules prohibit the following:
    • Use or possession of any alcoholic beverages in the residence hall or on the grounds, except as specifically outlined in campus regulations; refer to the Guide to Residence Hall Life
    • Smoking in the residence halls
    • Fireworks, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, or flammable materials in the residence hall area
    • Weapons in the residence hall; California law makes it a criminal offense for any person to bring or possess firearms on University grounds without permission (see California Penal Code Section 626.9). Permit applications and storage facilities for firearms are available at the Campus Police Department
    • Pets in the residence halls
    • Repairs or alterations to the residence hall by students, except as authorized by Student Housing maintenance personnel
    • Use of electrical cooking appliances and hot air popcorn makers in student rooms; exceptions are coffee pots, microwaves using 750 watts or less, and MicroFridges approved by Student Housing; small appliances may also be used in the kitchenettes
    • Altered or adapted electrical outlets and equipment; multi-use or light duty extension cords (extension cords must be heavy duty, single plug and UL approved); zip cords; worn, cracked or exposed (bare) wiring; splices in cords; and overloaded circuits
    • Student access to any sunscreens or roofs in the residence halls
    • Tampering with fire protection equipment or fire alarm apparatus (see California Penal Code Section 148.4)
    • Disruptive use of stereos, amplified sound equipment or other devices; repeated infractions of this rule may result in an order to remove from the residence halls any and all offending stereos, equipment, or other devices; students must follow all stated quiet hours
    • Sports in hallways and walkways
  • The university is not liable for loss, damage or destruction of personal property kept in the residence halls unless due to negligence; the university does not offer renter's insurance. (Section 5.d)