Pine Hall

A Tercero Area Building

  • Sequoia and Hawthorn Halls
  • Live Oak Hall
  • Bicycle Wheel Motif
  • Bicycle Wheel Close-Up
  • Live Oak Bicycle Wheel Motif
  • Single-Occupancy Bedroom
  • Double-Occupancy Bedroom
  • Triple-Occupancy Bedroom
  • Hallways are open and colorful
  • Spacious counters and mirrors
  • Bathrooms with stalls and storage cubbies
  • Original Trees Were Preserved

Building Details

Pine Hall features the following:

  • Floors: 4 floors
  • Building Occupancy: about 200 Students
  • Occupancy Type(s): single-, double-, and triple-occupancy rooms
  • Room Configuration(s): standard configuration: all rooms are located directly off a main interior hallway
  • Room Dimensions:  about 165 square feet
  • Bathrooms:  single-gender bathrooms are located along main interior hallways at an interval of every 4-6 bedrooms
  • Laundry Facilities: there is one laundry room, located on the first floor; it has 6 washing machines and 6 dryers
  • Flooring Type(s): all bedrooms are carpeted; shared areas are a mixture of carpeted and tiled
  • Bed Type(s): all rooms have extra-long (80 inch) twin beds
  • Computer Network Connection(s): wired and wireless
  • Cable TV Connection: Coaxial and IPTV
  • Landline Telephone Availability: not available
  • Mailbox Location: Tercero Services Center

Living-Learning Communities

There are no Living-Learning Communities in Pine Hall this year.

LEED / Environmental Impact

Pine Hall is LEED Platinum certified under the LEED-Building Design and Construction rating system, formerly known as New Construction and Major Renovations. Specifically, Tercero Phase 3, which includes Pine Hall, earned Group Certification, meaning all seven Phase 3 buildings collectively earned one certification.

The LEED green building certification program promotes a whole building sustainability approach by recognizing performance in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Sustaibale features of Pine Hall include:

  • A condensing economizer uses energy derived from waste water vapor to provide heat and hot water for the buildings, saving hundreds of thousands of therms of natural gas.
  • The buildings exceed the state's energy efficiency requirements by more than 48 percent.
  • Indoor water usage requirements reduced 30%.
  • Outdoor water usage (landscaping) requires 50% less than the baseline.
  • All buildings are individually metered for water use and all energy systems.
  • 95 percent of construction waste from the building project was diverted from the landfill.
  • Building materials are made from a minimum of 10% recycled content (based on cost).
  • 10% of building materials are extracted or manufactured within 500 miles of the project site (based on cost).
  • Low-emitting materials were selected for adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring systems, composite wood and agrifiber products.
  • Read the UC Davis Dateline feature on Tercero Phase 3 to learn even more.

Mail, Mailboxes, and Care Packages

Use the following address to send mail and packages to Pine Hall residents.

There is one mailbox for each room. Pine Hall's mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Tercero Services Center.

Packages that do not fit in a mailbox are held at the Area Service Desk until residents can pick them up. The ASD notifies residents via email when they receive packages.

Mailing Address

(student name)
(room #) Pine Hall
568 Tercero Hall Drive
Davis, CA 95616

Items in parenthesis should be customized with residents' specific information, including their names and room numbers.

Maps, Plans and Models

Graphic: Single Occupancy 3-D room rendering

Single Occupancy

Graphic: Double Occupancy 3-D room rendering

Double Occupancy

Graphic: Triple Occupancy 3-D room rendering

Triple Occupancy

Aggie Abodes

Watch the following videos to see what living in Pine Hall is like.

360° View Virtual Rooms

Single-occupancy bedroom

Double-occupancy bedroom

Triple-occupancy bedroom

Building lounge

Building courtyard

Move-In Information

Refer to the move-in webpage for information about moving in to Pine Hall. Move-in details vary based upon the time of year.

Building Namesake

California pinePine
Pinus spp, California pines

California’s pine species are easily one the most widely spread and highly variable native tree species. They have adapted to survive in many of California’s harshest environments, from cold and rocky to hot and arid. Pine trees provide homes to many species of native birds and were used by California natives for shelter, food, canoes, and medicines. Pines are an important part of today’s timber economy and its products are found in nearly every home. The Arboretum is home to a variety of different species of pine. Many can found in our California Foothill Collection as well as our Conifer Collection. For more information visit the UC Davis Arboretum gardens webpage.

Information about California pines is provided by the UC Davis Arboretum. Please stay in touch! Like the UC Davis Arboretum on Facebook and sign-up for the Arboretum e-newsletter to stay informed of student learning opportunities.