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Printing Services

Student Housing provides 250 pages “free” printing each quarter through the Computer Centers. While “free”, in actuality this is paid for through your regular Housing fees paid each quarter. We set that level of printing as a responsible level that meets the needs of the vast majority of residents with consideration for sustainability and conservation of resources. While we will consider requests to increase individuals print quotas, we do so only after reviewing the student’s print history, checking that it reflects appropriate and responsible use, and that the vast majority is academic in nature.

Here are some things to consider to maximize your print quota:

  • Print in duplex rather than single-sided. Instructions for printing in duplex are listed under item #8 on our Top 10 List posted beside each workstation in the computer center.
  • Do not print entire texts or voluminous class materials. These are more appropriately saved and read electronically or provided as copies by the professor or through the Bookstore. You may want to make that suggestion to your professor if they are not available.
  • Do not print to make copies. Use a copy machine for that.
  • Print for your personal use only. Do not print for other’s benefit.

Our policies are established to avoid waste and with cost, sustainability and conservation in mind, we also want to minimize unnecessary wear-and-tear (and cost) in printer repair and upkeep. Albeit in a small way, one page at a time, this helps us manage our room and board costs and, collectively throughout Student Housing operations, this makes a meaningful difference in the environment and to your fees.

We will consider requests to increase the quota on an individual basis 1x per quarter and add a maximum of 100 pages, if approved. We remind students that they are also able to receive 30 pages per quarter free printing at the campus computer labs operated by the Division of IET on campus. Be aware that pages printed beyond 30 are charged to your student account and that starting with the 30th page, you will be charged for all 30 pages and beyond. Less than 30 pages total and there is no charge.