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Graphic: A Current Residents Page
Photo: WASH Laundry Card; this card is used to utilize laundry facilities in all Student Housing facilities

WASH Laundry Card

WASH Laundry Cards are laundry-facility-only debit cards that are used to pay to operate Student Housing washing machines and clothing dryers; the washing machines and clothing dryers do not accept coins. The cards function like an ATM card: when used, laundry machines remove value from the card in exchange for a load of laundry. To purchase a single load in either machine, insert the card into the machine and follow the instructions on the machine.

Important: cards should be treated the same as cash: if they're lost there's no way to track them to the original cardholder, or to recover the funds from the card.

Receiving and Returning a WASH Laundry Card

Residence hall and Parks Apartments residents receive a WASH Laundry Card when they move into their room/unit. There is no charge for the initial card. Residents must return their WASH Laundry Card to Student Housing when moving out.

Recharging a WASH Laundry Card

Photo: Add-Value Station Electronic Laundry Room card recharger

In order to recharge (add monetary value to) a WASH Laundry Card, proceed to an “Add-Value Station” machine and follow the instructions located on the machine. Cash, credit cards, and debit cards can all be used to recharge a WASH Laundry Card. Add Value Stations are located at the Area Service Desk at Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto, and in the Solano Park area office.

There are two kinds of Add-Value stations: one kind accepts cash ($5, $10, and $20) and one kind accepts ATM and credit cards.

Add-Value Stations are available in the following locations:

  • Thoreau Lobby (both cash and ATM/credit)
  • Segundo Services Center (ATM/credit)
  • Regan Main Lounge (ATM/credit)
  • Tercero Services Center, near the Area Service Desk (both cash and ATM/credit)

Replacing A Card

Replacement cards are available for $2.00 from Add Value Stations.

Card Malfunctions

If a card seems to go bad (e.g., it hsould have value on it but it won't operate the washers or dryers), WASH suggests first inserting it in an Add-Value Station reader; sometimes this corrects the malfunction.

If the card still will not operate the equipment, refund kits are available at each area office.