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Graphic: A Current Residents Page

Housing Options After Living in the Residence Halls

Residents have many housing options available to them upon moving out of the residence halls. Residents may consider applying to return to the residence halls the following year as returning students. They may also consider applying to live in campus apartments or cooperatives, UC Davis fraternities and sororities, or community housing.

Community Housing

In response to the large student population, the Davis community has created an abundance of housing resources. UC Davis resources include the ASUCD Community Housing Listing (CHL) and Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) maintains its own dedicated resources. For those who want to use other resources, there are many websites dedicated to finding housing that are a web search away (UC Davis and Student Housing do not endorse any particular housing complex, company, website, or individual).

The ASUCD Community Housing Listing (CHL) is a service offered to UC Davis students and other Davis community members.

For a nominal fee, anyone can add a listing to the CHL database.

Visit the CHL website to get started.

ASUCD contact information:

  • 530-752-1990
  • 347 Memorial Union, UC Davis

SISS Housing Services

Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) provides help to students and visiting scholars who are looking for housing.

SISS explains the on- and off-campus housing markets, and maintains listings of short- and long-term locations for international students and scholars to use when looking for housing.

Visit the SISS Housing for Students and Visiting Scholars website for more information and to look through their online resources.