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Graphic: A Residential Dining Page

Dining Commons

The dining commons are the locations in the residence halls where meals are prepared and served. There are three dining commons facilities at UC Davis, one in each residence hall area (Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto).

A variety of meals are served every day, including vegetarian and vegan dishes, pastas, pizza, sautéed dishes, grilled meat and meat-alternative options, Mongolian BBQ, cereal, toast and muffins, and a full, fresh salad bar, as well as an assortment of beverages including several milk and soy drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, infused-water and soda.

Photo: Tercero Area, Dining Commons

Eating at the DC: How It Works

Meal plans allow each student access to the dining commons a specific amount of times each quarter, based upon the meal plan selected. Each time a student enters the DC, one meal is deducted from the student’s meal plan account. Once inside the DC, students may stay as long as they care to - ten minutes or even two hours - and they may choose to eat any of the dishes offered during that particular meal. DC meals are all-you-care-to-eat; students do not pay for each item they take. However, once a student leaves the DC, that meal is concluded; another meal will be deducted each time a student reenters the DC. All food must be consumed within the DC facility, with one exception: students may take one piece of fruit or an ice cream cone with them when they exit the DC.

Photo: Segundo Area, Dining Commons


UC Davis Dining Services publishes an online menu for the dining commons once a week. Refer to the menu each week to see which dishes will be offered each day. Dishes are also displayed inside the entrance to each DC showcasing the selection for that particular meal.

Photo: Cuarto Area, Dining Commons


There are three dining commons, one in each of the three residence hall areas:

Segundo Dining Commons

The Segundo Dining Commons is located immediately south of the Segundo Services Center, Gilmore Hall and Bixby Hall.

Tercero Dining Commons

The Tercero Dining Commons is located on the second floor of the Tercero Services Center, which is north-northeast of Kearney Hall and south of Sequoia Hall.

Cuarto Dining Commons

The Cuarto Dining Commons is located at the east end of Oxford Circle, immediately south of Emerson Hall and north of Webster Hall.

All dining commons location prepare the same menu–menus change for each meal but all meals are identical across all locations–and students may eat in any DC regardless of which residence hall they live in or which meal plan they select, so students may choose to eat at any DC they prefer for each meal, such as the one closest to where their next class is or where their friends or study partners are.

Hours of Operation

Visit the UC Davis Dining Services webpages for each dining commons location for specific hours of operation and staff member information. Academic year hours differ from summer session hours, so be sure to check the webpages for current hours of operation.