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Student Housing Apartment Fees

Student Housing Apartment fees pay for the room and access to shared spaces within the apartment for the duration of the contract. The fees also pay for the meal plan during the academic year if a student elects to have a meal plan. In addition, the fees cover most of the Student Housing services offered to Student Housing Apartment residents, including access to computer centers and academic advising centers located in the Student Housing areas on campus during the academic year.

The cost for each apartment area is the same; the only factors that affect fee rates are room occupancy (single-occupancy bedroom, double-occupancy bedroom, or single-occupancy studio), and the optional dining plan. See the Rates section below for detailed fee information for the various meal plan options.


Each resident’s specific Student Housing Apartment fee is determined by the meal plan chosen.

Fee Schedule and Deadlines

Student Housing Apartment fees are broken into four installments: a reservation fee and three quarterly payments, due according to the following timeline:

  • Reservation fee: submit with a signed housing contract by the contract submission deadline
  • Fall quarter payment: due by September 15
  • Winter quarter payment: due by December 15
  • Spring quarter payment: due by March 15

Late Payments

Fees must be paid on or before their respective deadlines. Payments submitted after the deadline will be considered delinquent, and a $75 late fee will be applied to the account for each occurrence. Payments must be received before the deadline passes; postmarks are not used to determine the date of payment. Students may request an alternate payment schedule; see the Deferred Payments section below. Students who are unable to pay their housing fees by the deadline should contact Student Housing's Residential Student Accounts office (530-752-2481) before the payment deadline passes in order to establish a payment plan and to avoid a late fee.

Billing and Invoices

Payments are due in accordance with the Fee Schedule without demand or billing. Student Housing does not issue a bill or invoice for Student Housing fees.

Online Statements

Electronic statements generated from the UC Davis Student Accounting Office include housing charges. Students may log into their UC Davis account to view their current account balance, current charges, and any refunds.

NOTE: only UC Davis students have the right to access their accounts, but students may elect to give parents, guardians and/or others access to their accounts in order to make payments

Making Fee Payments

See Submit Your Fees for fee payment information and instructions.

Deferred Payment Schedule

Deferred Payment options will be available later this summer. In the meantime, please call Student Housing (530-752-2033) with any questions.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Schedule

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students are eligible to pay the required reservation fee in installments. See the EOP Reservation Fee Payment Option webpage for details.

Additional Fees

Occasions may arise during the year where fees are incurred that are in addition to the scheduled fees; three examples are:

  • Additions or upgrades to a meal plan
  • Participation in voluntary STudent Housing Apartments social functions
  • Charges for non-covered events, including replacing lost keys and door locks, and repairing building or landscape damage caused by negligence

Additional fees must be paid in accordance to direction given by Student Housing at the time the charges are disclosed.

Refunds Following Cancellation of a Housing Contract

Following the cancellation of a student’s housing contract, a credit for the remaining (prorated) fees will be posted to the student’s UC Davis account. For students who elected to have a meal plan, at the time of the cancellation date, the amount of meals used will be compared to the prorated amount of meals that should have been used; if the actual amount of meals used exceeds the prorated amount of meals, the difference will be calculated at a rate of $3.00 per meal and will be charged against the refund amount before the credit is issued.