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Graphic: A Prospective Resident Page

Types of Housing

Student Housing offers two types of housing: residence halls and apartments. The following information summarizes the various housing options and provides links to more detailed information. To apply for housing, select Apply for Housing.

Residence Halls

Residence halls are primarily offered to freshmen, who are guaranteed a spot in the halls for their first year provided all requirements and deadlines are met. Residence hall contracts include dining commons meal plans; residence halls do not have kitchens. Residents have access to many resources, including computer centers, academic advising centers, professional academic advising staff, and employment opportunities in the residence hall communities. Applicants may request to live with a roommate or suitemate of their choice. Optional Living-Learning Communities offer an opportunity to live in a residence hall where students participate in social and recreational activities with people who share similar interests. Contracts run the length of the regular academic year, from the weekend before fall courses begin until the day following the completion of finals. Residence halls are limited to those who are single and under the age of 24.

Student Housing Apartments (SHA)

Student Housing Apartments (SHA) is a collection of apartment units Student Housing is leasing from privately owned apartment complexes in the community. SHA units are available to incoming transfer students. Refer to the Transfer Student Housings Program webpage to learn about the program, including options, eligibility and how to apply.

Campus Apartments

Campus apartments are available to a variety of UC Davis students. Campus apartments function independently of the residence halls, allowing for more flexibility and privacy for returning and graduate students, and students with families. Unlike the residence halls, campus apartments are equipped with private kitchens and bathrooms, but they do not include dining plans (plans may be purchases separately; see Dining); apartments are available in different room quantities. Six apartment complexes are conveniently located on the main campus; one - Solano Park - is operated by UC Davis Student Housing while the other five - The Atriums at La Rue Park, The Colleges at La Rue, Russell Park, West Village Apartments, and 8th and Wake – Elevated Graduate Living - are privately operated. Leases for Solano Park typically run from August through July of the following year; review the Application Process to learn about eligibility and how to apply. Contact the privately-operated apartments for lease information.

For more information regarding applications, fees, policies, or general information, refer to the Prospective Students menu in the left margin. For more information about housing programs, academics, and services refer to Current Students and Residential Education. For specific contract information or published materials, refer to Publications & Forms. For more specific information about the buildings, and for contact information for the privately-operated campus apartments and the cooperatives, refer to Housing Areas.