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Graphic: A Prospective Resident Page

Residence Hall Room Furnishings

All residence hall rooms are furnished with the following items.

For each student:

  • Extra-large twin-size bed frame and mattress (see note below)
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Dresser or built-in chest of drawers
  • Small book shelf
  • Desk lamp

For each room:

  • Waste basket
  • Recycling container

Note: There are two bed sizes in the residence halls, based upon the size of the room: extra long twin beds (36 in x 80 in or 38 in x 80 in) and standard size twin beds (36 in x 75 in). The great majority of beds are extra long twin beds, but Student Housing recommends incoming residents wait until room assignments have been posted – and bed sizes advised – before purchasing their bedding. For bed size information for specific buildings, refer to building profile pages under each Residence Hall area.

What Residents Should Bring

Refer to What to Bring for a list of recommended items to bring for living in the residence halls. For information about common areas, refer to General Information.