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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Reaching The Residents
A Guide for Departments & Student Organizations at UC Davis

Thank you for taking an interest in reaching out to our residents. The residence halls house about 5000 first-year students as well as a limited number of transfer and returning students when space is available. As a campus department or registered student organization (RSO) you may want to reach out to first year students to encourage them to get involved with your organization or utilize your department’s services.

We value what you have to offer, which is why we prepared a process and guidelines for distributing information to the residents while ensuring their safety, security and privacy. If you have any questions about the process or guidelines, please contact the Office of Student Development at (530) 752-1736. We look forward to working with you this year.

Solicitation Policy

Respect for the privacy and privileges of the residents and their community is of utmost importance. The residence hall areas are the “homes” of the students who reside there; therefore, they are a restricted area.

Solicitation is defined as any uninvited contact, generally involving a request or literature distribution. No solicitation is allowed in the residence halls, dining commons, or the surrounding areas, as defined in the following section.

NOTE: The only public area of Student Housing is the main Student Housing Office. Solicitation is allowed in this area with the written consent of the Director of Student Housing or his/her designee.

Residence Hall Boundaries

The residence halls, dining commons, and their surrounding outside areas are to be defined by the following perimeters:

Segundo Boundaries

Map of the Segundo residence hall area

  • East: California Avenue
  • West: LaRue Road
  • North: Russell Blvd.
  • South: Parking Lot 25

Tercero Boundaries

Map of the Tercero residence hall area

  • East: Bioletti Way
  • West: Dairy Road
  • North: Tercero Hall Circle
  • South: LaRue Road

Cuarto Boundaries

Map of the Cuarto residence hall area

  • East: Sycamore Lane
  • West: Oxford Circle
  • North: Wake Forest Drive
  • South: Russell Boulevard

Download and review the Residence Halls Boundaries Map (pdf)

Ways To Reach Residents

There are five ways for departments, RSOs and non-campus groups to reach out to students living in the residence halls. Not every way is available to every group; refer to the table below to see which ways are available to each type of group.

Type: Dept RSO Non-Campus
Public Posting Boards Yes Yes Yes
Posting Flyers Yes Yes
Tabling Yes Yes
Newsletter Yes Yes
LCD Displays Yes  

Read through the chart below to learn how to reach out to students.

Section Table of Contents:

Public Posting Boards

Each of the three housing areas (Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto) has a designated public posting board where anyone can post one item. Postings must be approved by the specific area’s Office Coordinator, and will be removed after two weeks.

To Request Approval

Visit the Area Service Desk in the area where you want to post during normal business hours and ask to speak with the Office Coordinator.

Posting Flyers in the Residence Halls

Campus departments and campus registered student organizations may request to post flyers in the residence halls. All flyers must be approved by the Office of Student Development (OSD). OSD will distribute the flyers to the RAs to post in their communities. Please allow 2-3 weeks for approval and posting.

Requirements for flyers posted in Student Housing

  • Flyers must be delivered to the Student Housing Administration office for approval and posting
  • Flyers can be no larger than half a sheet of standard paper (8.5x5.5 or 4.25x11)
  • Flyers must include department or RSO name and/or logo
  • All flyers must have an accessibility statement; example: “UC Davis is committed to equal access. If you need to request an accommodation, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX.“ (insert your contact number)
  • Flyers must have a “Remove by date” clearly printed on the bottom right of flyer (Date is either one day after event or two weeks after poster is submitted to Student Housing for posting)
  • Groups can request flyers be posted only 3 times in each area per quarter

Student Housing will not post flyers unless our requirements are met.

To Request Approval

Download, fill out, and submit the Campus Posting Request Form (pdf) with the flyers to the Student Housing Administration office.

Tabling in the Dining Commons

Campus departments and campus registered student organizations may request to table in the dining commons during lunch or dinner hours up to three times per quarter.

To Make A Tabling Reservation

Visit the Student Housing OSD office, located at 160 Student Housing (directly east of Visitor Parking Lot 25), to set up a tabling reservation.

Be sure to:

  • Review the DC Tabling Guidelines to learn more
  • Bring all tabling materials (e.g. table banner, photo albums, flyers, posters, etc.) to the Student Housing building for approval when making a reservation

Important: Reservations must be made at least five days in advance. If your student organization or sports club is not registered with CSI or Campus Recreation, respectively, you may not table.

Aggie Reader Newsletter

Student Housing produces a weekly electronic newsletter, the Aggie Reader, for residence hall and Student Housing Apartments (SHA) residents. The residence hall newsletter is sent each Friday and the SHA every other Friday throughout the quarter.

Campus departments and registered student organizations may contribute content to be featured in the Aggie Reader. The deadline for submission is each Wednesday at noon. Submissions sent after the Wednesday deadline will appear in the following week's newsletter. Student Housing reserves the right to edit content submitted for the newsletter.

To Submit Content For The Aggie Reader

To send information to be featured in the Aggie Reader, please submit an email to Student Housing with the following information:

  • Name of Campus Department or Registered Student Organization
  • Name of Event
  • Time/Date and Location of event
  • Brief description of event
  • Contact information

To Subscribe to the Aggie Reader

Fill out and submit the form on the Subscribe to the Aggie Reader webpage.

Digital Signage (LCD Displays)

Campus departments may submit announcements to promote UC Davis programs and services for residents. Announcements will run on digital (LCD) signage found throughout the residence hall areas. Announcements must be created according to technical specifications and must follow appropriate guidelines and protocols.

To View Guidelines and Request Announcements

Visit the Digital Signage Guidelines webpage to learn about the Digital Signage program, get technical specifications, and submit a request form.

Student Housing Digital Signage is not available for use by student organizations.

For information on the LCD screens managed by the UC Davis Division of Student Affairs please visit the UC Davis Division of Student Affairs LCD Display Guidelines website.

Other Resources

ASUCD Bulletin Boards

Each dining commons has an ASUCD posting bulletin board which is open to all ASUCD affiliated groups. The only requirement for posting on this board is that the flyer must include the ASUCD affiliated group name and/or logo.

Programming in the Halls

Student Housing structures our programs around the Transitional, Academic, and Citizenship challenges that first year students typically face. In addition, we strive to create inclusive programs and communities by promoting diversity and following the Principles of Community. Generally, programming in the residence halls is not permitted unless you co-sponsor an event with Student Housing.

If you have a program you believe would be beneficial to the residents, please contact OSD at (530) 752-1736. Please do not contact a Resident Advisor or Coordinator directly.

Items Not Allowed

Dining Commons Table Tents

Posting and table tents are not allowed in the dining commons except for Student Housing-sponsored events.

Collection Bins

Because of fire code and policies surrounding Environmental Health and Safety, we only allow collection bins in the residence halls for Student Housing sponsored programs and the recycling bins placed by waste management. Placing collection bins in the residence halls is against Student Housing’s solicitation policy; breach of this policy could be considered trespassing.

Chalking Policy

Student Housing does not allow "chalking" - the writing of information using chalk - on sidewalks, buildings, or other structures in the Student Housing areas. Refer to the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Chapter 310, Section 27, and in particular, Part 3, Section A, for more information.


Student Housing does not place materials in the residence hall mailboxes.

Voter Registration

Student Housing encourages voter registration and makes exceptions to the solicitation policy provide opportunities for residents get information about elections and participate in the election process. We provide residents with official State of California Voter Registration forms when they check-in to the residence halls and Student Housing Apartments, and we work closely with ASUCD to promote voter registration among our residents. We also host programs to educate residents about elections. We do not permit individuals to attempt to register voters in any Student Housing outside area or to go door-to-door in the residence halls unless they have prior authorization from Student Housing.

If a person would like information about how to register voters, please contact Student Housing at 752-1736.

Comments, Questions, Concerns?