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UC Davis / GradGuardTM Renter's Insurance

Have you ever thought about how much the stuff in your apartment or residence hall is worth? If you lost it all, would you and your family be able to afford to replace it? Renters Insurance helps protect you from property losses and damages, as well as liability risks, like if someone slips and falls in your apartment.

We recommend Renters Insurance from GradGuardTM. With the GradGuardTM Renters Insurance plan, any personal items that are stolen or damaged as a result of a covered event can be replaced at full replacement cost subject to a $100 deductible. This includes clothing, computers/laptops/tablets, smart phones, bikes, game consoles, textbooks, furniture, and more. GradGuard Renters Insurance also protects you financially for unintentional damage to your residence or bodily injury to others for which you are liable. With a $100 deductible and low annual rates, Renters Insurance from GradGuard is a good fit for UC Davis students.

IMPORTANT: UC Davis students who live in UC Davis Student Housing residences, such as the residence halls and SHA, are automatically enrolled to receive more information about the GradGuardTM Renters Insurance plan. They may accept or decline coverage during the Student Housing Application Process.

Renters Insurance is ideal for:

  • Undergraduate students living off campus or in a residence hall
  • Graduate students living off campus
  • Young adults out of school and living on their own

Features of Renters Insurance from GradGuard include:

Low $100.00 deductible

  • Compared to $500, $1000, or more for a typical Homeowners Insurance policy

Alternative to Homeowners Insurance

  • Not all Homeowners Insurance policies are the same, however, many have limitations on certain property that is away from the principal residence; with Renters Insurance, personal belongings are covered whether you are on-campus, off-campus, or traveling anywhere in the world, up to the policy limits

Personal Liability Coverage

  • If you cause damage to property or injure others, you may be liable for the damages; Renters Insurance from GradGuard provides up to $300,000 in personal liability coverage
  • For example, if you unintentionally set off your building’s sprinkler system, liability protection can help pay for the resulting damages

Replacement Cost

  • This protection provides you with the full cost of your stuff, not just its current value, so it can be replaced with an item of like kind and quality if it is damaged or lost due to a covered reason


This is a brief description of GradGuard Renters Insurance. Please call to speak with an agent for policy specific information, including limitations and exclusions. Coverage may vary by state.

For coverage details and exclusions, go to

GradGuard Renters Insurance is underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company, Waukesha, WI. The advertised product is not available in AK, CT, FL, and RI. Other program options are available for these states. Claims and coverage subject to policy, language, limits and exclusions.