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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Administration Directory

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Office of the Director
Position Name Contact Photo
Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs and Executive Director, Student Housing Emily Galindo Emily Galindo
Executive Project Analyst Duane Lindsay Duane Lindsay
Residential Services
Position Name Contact Photo
Assistant Director, Residential Services Joann Wilson Joann Wilson
Assistant Director, Residential Services Faye Perata Faye Perata
Residential Services Contracts Manager Noelle Reis Noelle Reis
Student Housing Apartment Representative Sarah Greenhalgh
  • 530-752-2740
Sarah Greenhalgh
Coordinator of Apartment Living Jenni Plueard Jenni Plueard
Privatized Apartment and Group Living Coordinator Kayla Koenigshof Kayla Koenigshof
Resident Contracts and Accounts Representative Michael Campbell Michael Campbell
Resident Student Accounts Administrative Assistant vacant
  • pending
Staff Photograph
Special Housing Assignments Consultant Samira Varshikov Staff Photograph
Main Receptionist Pat Rott Pat Rott
Office of Student Development
Position Name Contact Photo
Director, Office of Student Development Branden Petitt Branden Petitt
Associate Director, New Student Academic Services Catrina Wagner Catrina Wagner
Assistant Director, Cuarto Residence Hall Area Chuck Huneke Chuck Huneke
Assistant Director, Segundo Residence Hall Area Marguerite Phillips Marguerite Phillips
Associate Director, Departmental and Student Outreach Richard Ronquillo Richard Ronquillo
Assistant Director, Policy and Conduct Courtney Robinson Courtney Robinson
Student Judicial Affairs Officer Arthur Dylag Arthur Dylag
Sorority and Fraternity Life Coordinator Valerie Lamarre-Laurent Valerie Lamarre-Laurent
Sorority and Fraternity Life Coordinator vacant
  • n/a
Staff Photograph
Office of Student Development Analyst Supervisor Leilani Reiff Leilani Reiff
Office of Student Development Assistant Cynthia Castro Cynthia Castro
Office of Student Development Assistant Alyssa Nusse Alyssa Nusse
Office of Student Development Assistant vacant
  • pending
Staff Photograph
Orientation and First-Year Experience
Position Name Contact Photo
Assistant Director, Orientation vacant
  • pending
Staff Photograph
Orientation Student Advising Coordinator Amy Oleynik Amy Oleynik
Orientation Student Advising Coordinator Lian Boos Lian Boos
Orientation Student Advising Coordinator Michael Wallace Michael Wallace
Orientation Family Program Coordinator Paula Hoang Staff Photograph
Orientation Family Program Assistant Anthony Klassen Hayleigh Harrison
Assistant Director, Orientation Business Office vacant
  • n/a
Staff Photograph
Orientation Business Office Coordinator vacant
  • n/a
Staff Photograph
Orientation Administrative Assistant Ruby Bal Ruby Bal
Assistant Director, Residential Academic Advising Erika Reynolds Erika Reynolds
First-Year Experience Advising Coordinator Chelsea Norris Chelsea Norris
First-Year Experience Advising Coordinator vacant
  • n/a
Staff Photograph
First-Year Experience Advising Coordinator Kaitlyn Murray Kaitlyn Murray
First-Year Experience Coordinator Erin Mross Erin Mross
Writing Skills Specialist Larry Greer
  • 530-754-6268
Larry Greer
Office of Student Development Administrative Assistant Lauren Tehrani Lauren Tehrani

Hospitality and Dining Services

Position Name Contact Photo
Director, Hospitality and Dining Services Kraig Brady Kraig Brady

Dining Services

Position Name Contact Photo
Associate Director, Hospitality and Dining Services Chamayo Yniguez Chamayo Yniguez
Assistant Director, Residential Dining Felipe Becerra Felipe Becerra
Assistant Director, Retail Dining Mary Schertzer Mary Schertzer
Senior Executive Chef Kue Her Kue Her
General Manager, Segundo Gokhan Aksoy Gokhan Aksoy
General Manager, Tercero Dan Bodhiprasart Dan Bodhiprasart
General Manager, Cuarto Marci Ofina Marci Ofina
General Manager, Retail - Convenience Stores Mitch Hayter Mitch Hayter
General Manager, Retail - Coffee Ismael Cortez Ismael Cortez
Sr. Buyer, Dining Services Rosabelle Fox Roxabelle Fox
Financial Analyst, Supervisor Brandee Gillmore Brandee Gillmore
Dining Income Analyst, Supervisor Angela Valdry Angela Valdry

Conference Housing

Position Name Contact Photo
Conference Housing Manager Terrea Parker Terrea Parker
Conference Housing & Hospitality Coordinator vacant
  • vacant
Staff Photo
Conference Housing Services Office Coordinator Tinna McCalister Tinna McCalister
Design Services
Position Name Contact Photo
Assistant Director, Design Services Charlotte Delaire-Meyers Charlotte Delaire-Meyers
Senior Interior Designer Meredith Obenauer Meredith Obenauer
Senior Interior Designer Jenny Fortuna Jenny Fortuna
Project Coordinator Linda Sinclair Linda Sinclair
Business and Financial Services
Position Name Contact Photo
Director, Business and Financial Services Ramona Hernandez Ramona Hernandez
Assistant Director, Financial Operations vacant
  • n/a
Photo unavailable
Assistant Director, Financial Planning and Analysis Monica Wilson Monica Wilson
Business and Financial Services Manager Veronica Bolivar Veronica Bolivar
Budget and Financial Analyst vacant
  • pending
Photo unavailable
Income and Dining Financial Analyst Sarah Reynolds Sarah Reynolds
Budget and Finance Assistant Zita Demaree Zita Demaree
Budget and Finance Assistant Mary Jackson Mary Jackson
Contracts and Purchasing Analyst Cynthia Stallman-Biederer Cynthia Stallman-Biederer
Purchasing Assistant Janet Horrigan Janet Horrigan
Purchasing Assistant Linda McCalister Linda McCalister
Computer Services
Position Name Contact Photo
Assistant Director Dan Tory Dan Tory
Application Developer Martin Couture Martin Couture
Application Developer Spruce Weber-Milne Spruce Weber-Milne
Application Developer Toshiki Arita Toshiki Arita
Application Developer vacant
  • pending
no photo
Systems Administrator Andrew Walker Andrew Walker
Network Administrator Chris Arnett Chris Arnett
IT Support Specialist vacant
  • pending
no photo
Human Resources
Position Name Contact Photo
Assistant Director, Human Resources Corey Pope Corey Pope
Human Resources Specialist Ian Flanagan Ian Flanagan
Human Resources Specialist Robert Rivas Robert Rivas
Personnel Coordinator John Gerdes John Gerdes
Training and Compliance Coordinator Connie Quintero Connie Quintero
Staffing Coordinator vacant
  • pending
no photo
Leaves Specialist Viridiana Alcaraz Viridiana Alcaraz
Safety and Training Specialist Blanca Ponce Blanca Ponce
Safety and Training Specialist Phil Hanson Phil Hanson
Facilities Services
Position Name Contact Photo
Director Mike Sheehan Mike Sheehan
Assistant Director, Custodial Services John Hester John Hester
Assistant Director, Operations Debbie Wolf Debbie Wolf
Assistant Director, Dining Facilities Maintenance Brian Blaschke Brian Blaschke
Assistant Director, Residential Facilities Maintenance Doug Van Winkle Doug Van Winkle
Assistant Director, Project Management Chris Marczak Chris Marczak
Paint Shop Supervisor Thomas Cunningham Thomas Cunningham
Physical Plant Mechanic Supervisor Jose Garcia Jose Garcia
Sustainability Manager Jenni Porter Jenni Porter
Sustainability Specialist Skylar Johnson Skylar Johnson
Fire Safety Coordinator Chris Bishop Chris Bishop
Asset and Inventory Manager vacant
  • vacant
staff photo
Inventory Specialist Laura Chang Laura Chang
Asset and Energy Management Analyst Brian Sattler Brian Sattler
Access and Security Specialist Brian Johnson Brian Johnson
Work Flow Coordinator Leah Wilke Leah Wilke
Logistics Assistant Nick Suciu Nick Suciu