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Graphic: A Residential Education Page

Residence Hall Staff

Student Housing employs a large, diverse staff to operate the residence halls, including an assortment of both student and professional staff.

Student Staff

Student staff operates various residence hall programs, while live-in student staff oversees the residence halls, advise students and act as first-line intermediaries when challenges arise.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are undergraduate students who live in the residence halls along with the other residence hall students. RAs oversee their respective building community, engaging residents in various activities, one-on-one and group contact, and advising. They also create and facilitate community-building programs and host events which may include movie nights and game nights. RAs were once first-year students too, making them an excellent resource.

Each residence hall building has at least one Resident Advisor (RA). Residents will have many opportunities to get to know their hall’s RAs through social events. RAs will seek to engage each resident in order to get to know them, and residents should also take initiative in getting to know their RA. Information about each residence hall’s RAs, typically including their photographs, names, majors and years, is posted on a common area wall in each hall.

On-Call Directory

A Resident Advisor is available every night for residents who need assistance during the hours that the Area Service Desk is closed. To reach an RA after hours, use the On-Call Directory.

Senior Resident Advisors

Senior Resident Advisors (SRAs) are undergraduate students who live in the residence hall communities. SRAs oversee RAs and offer leadership and advice to residents and RAs alike. Like RAs, SRAs were once first-year students and therefore are an excellent resource for information, advice and insight.

First-Year Experience Peer Advisers

FYE Peer Advisers are undergraduate students responsible for providing academic advising to new students, implementing evening academic advising programs in the residence halls, and managing the Academic Advising Centers to support students’ academic success and development. FYE Peer Advisers serve as a resource person to professional and student staff, residents and campus academic personnel so as to meet the goals of the Residence Hall Advising Team program.

First-Year Experience Peer Coordinators

FYE Peer Coordinators are undergraduate students who actively participate in the recruitment, selection, training and daily supervision of the FYE Peer Adviser Staff. Peer Coordinators help manage the daily operations of the residential academic advising centers and serve as a resource person to both professional and student to meet the goals of the First-Year Experience and Residence Hall Advising Team programs.

Area Service Desk, Computer Centers, and Academic Advising Centers Staff

Student Housing employs students from the community to staff various positions throughout the various residence hall programs. By employing students, Student Housing makes available to its residents a variety of people who live in and are knowledgeable about the residence halls and can share their wide range of interests and experiences, while providing opportunities for employment for its residents.

Professional Staff

Professional staff manages the student staff, and offers additional support including academic and leadership advising, and guidance regarding policies and conflict resolution. Student Housing also employs a large professional maintenance and custodial staff who oversees all buildings and grounds, facilitates repairs and upgrades, and provides cleaning services.

Office Coordinators

Office Coordinators oversee the daily operations for the residence halls, including the Area Service Desk.

First-Year Experience Coordinators

FYE Coordinators oversee the Academic Advising Centers and peer advising and tutoring programs, including the Residence Hall Advising Team (RHAT) programs. They offer one-on-one advising with regard to classes, course registration, and academic plans. Together they supervise the student staff including FYE Peer Coordinators and FYE Peer Advisers.

Residential Education Coordinators / Resident Directors

Residential Education Coordinators and Resident Directors plan and facilitate programming in the residence halls, providing residents with opportunities to get involved and nurturing healthy communities according to the UC Davis “Principles of Community”. They also oversee the RAs and SRAs.

Conduct Coordinators

Conduct Coordinators create programs, offer advising, and meet one-on-one with residents to offer guidance regarding residence hall policies. They help residents navigate the various challenges residents face when integrating into a large, diverse community, intervening in challenging situations, and assisting with conflict resolution in the community. They also oversee the RAs and SRAs.

Custodial and Maintenance Staff

Student Housing employs skilled individuals to maintain building facilities, including general cleaning of common areas and basic maintenance repairs. For more information, refer to the Custodial and Maintenance page.

Professional Staff Directories

The Professional Residence Hall Staff Directory includes contact information for the Resident Directors and the Office, Residential Education and Conduct Coordinators.

The Administration Directory includes contact information for First-Year Experience Coordinators, as well as other Student Housing administrative professionals.

For emergency-related contact information or resources, including police and fire department information, or for other campus-provided services, refer to Safety & Security and Additional Resources.