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Organic waste (composting)

Organic Waste for composting are items that can breakdown in nature in a relatively short period of time under the right conditions.

What can be collected?

See the complete list of Organic Waste that is accepted for collection at Student Housing residence hall areas.

Where does it go?

The Organic Waste collected in Student Housing is sent to a commercial composting facility in Zamora, Ca called Northern Recycling Compost Facility, that recycles green material, food waste, wood waste, and agricultural waste to provide compost, mulch, biomass fuel, and value-added soil and compost blends.

Centralized Organic Waste Collection Bins

Centralized Organic Waste collection bins are available in all three residence hall areas for students who wish to collect and dispose their organic waste for composting. Click on area for organic waste collection locations: Cuarto, Segundo, Tercero.

Residents must provide their own in room organic waste collection container. Any container with a lid can be used to collect organic waste in. For example; a coffee can with a lid, a disposable food container (such as a large yogurt container), a cardboard oatmeal container used with a liner are just a few examples. Containers can also be purchased at local retail stores. If liners are used, make sure they are BPI certified. For a complete list of BPI certified bags, visit the Biodegradable Products Institute website.

Questions or comments? Email or call Jenni Porter at 530-752-4265.

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