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  • About 70% of U.S. generated energy comes from nonrenewable sources
  • Over the past three academic years, energy use at the residence halls and apartments has decreased by 5%

Student Housing practices

  • 4.2 kw photovoltaic system at the Tri-Cooperatives
  • Solar hot water at Leach Hall, Cuarto DC, Tercero Phase II, and Solano Park
  • Monitoring-based commissioning at Kearney, Laben, Alder, Miller, and Thompson Halls
  • Lights connected to motion sensors and/or photocells in several areas
  • Electronic ballasts and fluorescent lights in residence halls
  • ENERGY STAR, CEE Tier 3 washing machines
  • White roofs to reduce heating and cooling loads
  • Energy management systems in the buildings
  • Thermostat controls to allow user control in an efficient range
  • Desk lamps with a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) for all residents

What you can do

  • Turn off your electronics when not in use
  • Use natural light and switch off lights when you leave a room
  • Save energy by using power management features on your computer
  • Buy CFLs instead of incandescent lights
  • See the Utilities Dashboard for consumption information